Vacation Planning

One of the things I like to do every January is plan our vacations for the entire year. I don’t necessarily arrange all the travel accommodations in January, but establish more of a “plan.” I like knowing what is coming to I can start saving (money and time off work).

Here’s my process:

  1. I divide the year into seasons. Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall. And start with what is already on the calendar.

    1. Winter - nothing

    2. Spring - Couples trip to the caribbean

    3. Summer - Family Reunion to Idaho

    4. Fall - nothing

  2. Then I think about family + friends. Who do we want to visit this year? How will we get there?

    1. My brother in Alabama (fly)

    2. My in-laws in California (fly or drive)

  3. Now I dream. What sounds fun?

    1. Maui with the kids

    2. Couple weekend to NYC

  4. Arrange everything on the calendar

    1. Winter - nothing

    2. Spring - Spring break in CA, Couples trip to the caribbean

    3. Summer - Family Reunion to Idaho, Maui with the kids,

    4. Fall - Alabama over fall break, NYC

  5. Start searching for cheap flights, I start with google flights and usually check every single morning for several weeks. Flights are normally marked down mid week. I prioritize trips based on if I found a great deal to that place :)


A few notes:

-No traveling this winter = time to work and save money for the rest of the year.
-Lot’s of family trips while the kids are out of school (summer and breaks).
-Couples trips work best while school is in session, that way Grandma gets a break while the kids are at school.
-Whatever trip does’t happen this year, roll over to the next and put it on the top of your list.