Summer Bucket List

Happy August! Our summer travels + house guests have officially come to an end and we are left to enjoy the last couple weeks before school starts. I didn't even entertain the idea of a giant summer bucket list this year, I find them to be slightly stressful. Haha.


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But to keep everyone entertained, I've been reading through the million of "bucket list ideas" and when we have a slow week I plan a couple things to do. A few of my favorites:

1. Water balloons in the backyard
2. Have a friend come over all day. Play, Lunch, Pool.
3. Stop at a drive through and get cold soda for the kids.
4. Make slime (I cheated and bought this and it was not messy at all)
5. Go to the Arcade
6. Campfire with friends
7. Build marshmallow houses
8. Visit a new swimming pool
9. Wildflower adventure (If you're in Utah, check out Alboin Basin)
10. Family Hike