Friday Faves

Happy Friday! I feel like its been a while since I've shared my Friday Favorites so I'm super excited about todays posts. My family and I have officially wrapped up the first week of summer break! Yay!! We've been vacationing in CA and so far so good. Summer is always just as amazing as you remember it.

A few of my summer favorites:


1. I like to go light on my makeup in the summer. I am obsessed with this skin tint. Light coverage and it has an SPF 23. You'll love.

2. Native's will forever and ever and ever be my favorite summer shoes for kids. Sturdy play shoes, no socks, can get wet, never stink, never fall off.... THE BEST.

3. Favorite swim suits for myself? This one, this one and this one.

4. Sunglasses at the top my list. These hexagon Ray Bans. Obsessed.

5. This sun star beach towel has a special place in my heart.

6. I will forever love these flip flops. Every mama needs a pair.

7. Give me all the sea grass woven totes! Love this one and this one.