What kind of mom are you?

Do you guys follow Ralphie @simplyonpurpose? She’s one of my favorite people has changed motherhood for the better.

She’s hosting an #iamthiskindofmom challenge right now and encouraging mothers to own the kind of moms they ARE instead of getting caught up in the kind of moms they wish they could be. I have loved scrolling through the #iamthiskindofmom hashtag. There are thousands of entires...


Shannon at Plum Street Collective posted:

I am not the kind of mom who is good at getting on the floor and playing with my kids. I am not easy going or spontaneous. I raise my voice too much and get upset when they’re messy... but I am the mom who always shows up. I keep things running smoothly. I’m up early every day before them making sure they’re ready for the day. I bake treats for their successes and volunteer in their classrooms. I listen to them and praise their best traits. I am their biggest cheerleader. I teach them to be kind to everyone and build up those around them. I’m not a perfect mom - but I’m the best mom I know how to be!

Lauren of xoloveloxo posted:

I’m the kind of mom who lets the slow moments of life roll in. I’m the mom who doesn’t care if laundry takes an extra thirty minutes if he wants to help. I’m the kind of mom who puts those hand puppets on and talks in silly voices.all.day.long. I’m the kind of mom who reads the same book over and over and over knowing that he’s just trying to memorize it. I’m the kind of mom who lets him play until the bath water turns cold. I’m the kind of mom who lets him crack the eggs full well knowing I’ll be fishing out shells for a few minutes. I’m the kind of mom who lets the minutes pass and then at bedtime wonders why there aren’t more hours in the day to fit in one more tickle fight, one more belly laugh and one more “I love you”. I’m the kind of mom who lives for the slow moments. The long days. The little moments that are really the big memories.

Amy at The Essential Story posted:

I am not a playful mom - I'll wrestle and be silly for a little bit, but I need my space after a while. 
I AM a mom that loves to cook and bake with you. 
I AM a mom that loses my cool and yells sometimes. I am also a mom that apologizes for my bouts of frustration and gives lots of long hugs and kisses after time-outs.
I AM a mom who will never refuse a hug, and never lets go until you do -- even if that requires carrying you around when you're way too big to be held. 
I am not a build-legos-with-you kind of mom. But I'll do it for a hot minute because I want you to be happy. 
I am a strict mom. Like, no technology until you're 50. 
I am not a laid back mom -- I like order and calm. 
I AM a crafty mom who doesn't mind playdoh messes and glue -- but I draw the line at glitter.
I AM a mom who will lay in bed and be silly at bedtime, because that's our time to connect and talk about the day.
I AM a mom who will sing you the same song for 6 months straight, every night, because you love it. 
I AM a mom who will check on you every night before I go to bed. I am not the mom who makes a separate meal but I am the mom that allows treats. I am not the mom who goes all out for birthdays but I am the mom that goes buck wild all December-long. I’m not the mom who will sleep in your bed with you, but I am the mom who will insist you’re sleeping right beside me when you’re sick. 

What kind of mom are you?