Friday Favorites

Friday is here!  But lets be honest, all these summer days are blurring together. Isn't it wonderful? I've been spending lots of time with my kids, so this Friday Favorites has the subtitle of: Fun things my kids and I are loving.

Made these Peaches and Cream popsicles with my kids this past week and they were so yummy! Not to mention- GORGEOUS. Such a mommy win. Full recipe found on Monika Hibb's blog.

I splurged on pool toys this year. And I use the word splurge loosely... really I just bought them a few things because my kids were the only kids at the pool without toys. Loving these pool floats from target: watermelon, flamingo and ice cream sandwich. So fun!  

Did you make a summer bucket list with your kids? I printed off this simple check list and it's been really fun (and manageable).  Movie in the park may have been one of my kids favorites... a Redbox, our laptop, some blankets and a few boxes of candy.  

This kinetic sand was recommend on the Young House Love podcast and we give it two thumbs up. Way less messy!

Hands down my favorite summer shoes for my kids. No socks, waterproof and more durable than a flip flop.

But since I mentioned flip flops, I buy my kids Havaianas. They are awesome and last for years.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!