Moments With Mom: Karrie Locher

Our April Featured Blogger was Karrie Locher, a nurse and mama to a sweet little boy. She runs the amazing blog Karrie the Trend and inspires us constantly with her sensible but chic fashion outfits. She also has plenty of great thoughts on parenting that we can all relate to.  We asked her some questions for our Moments With Mom segment:

1.  We love your blog! You are such a fashion inspiration for other moms. Where do you go for your style inspiration?
I really have my own way of putting things together. I don't have one "niche" I fit into. Sometimes I'm sporty, sometimes chic, and sometimes just plain casual. When I became a mom, I knew I wanted to keep dressing cute, but also be realistic. I love to just figure out what works for me on certain days. One of the trends I am known for the most is my ability to pair sneakers with ANYTHING. They're just an essential when you're a mom. I will wear them with dresses, jeans, yoga pants, etc. I also love wearing neutrals- so usually when I am shopping, I browse nude/blush/white/grey options and start putting things together. 

2.  What are your goals for your blog and social media channels? 
My goal is to inspire other mamas in keeping them looking their best, while still doing their number one job #mommin'. 

3.  Being a working mom, time is always in short supply. What tricks do you have to stay organized and productive?
I wish I was more organized. I work full-time and mom full-time. It's hard work and it's exhausting. I find myself so much more productive when I look put together. I also get most of my work + planning done when Cam is napping or sleeping at night (along with a glass of vino, let's be honest). 

4.  Are you planning any fun traditions with your family for Easter?
We dyed eggs and had a picnic while enjoying the beautiful weather! 

5.  Taking time to recharge is the theme for the April box. What do you do for self care?
Face masks! Skin is so important to me- I love doing masks to help rid of dead skin and bring new life to my face each week!

Check out Karrie's Instagram channel for style inspiration!