Happy Tea

This month we are so excited to feature Your Tea: Happy Tea in our March Mommy Mailbox.  This tea is what every mama needs! It's ingredients help with increasing mood, calming digestion, alleviating stress and easing anxiety.  

Happy Tea will help cleanse and awaken the body and the senses leaving you feeling fabulous. It also helps that it’s a little package full of antioxidants – the very things that help to clean up the damage that stress leaves behind.

Using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, Your Tea creates blends for modern ailments. From PMS to energy, achieving balance is as easy as a cup of Your Tea.  At its heart, TCM is about getting the body balanced, which despite being thousands of years old is incredibly relevant for today.  We live in a world, and lead lifestyles that are on a mission to unbalance us - whether we're trying to do too much, not getting enough sleep, or not eating well, all of these can impact our health. They’ve managed to keep the science from TCM and created a range of products that are relevant for today - easy to brew, great tasting teas that go to work to balance gut health and improve wellness.

Formulated by TCM Practitioners, these modern tea blends contain herbal ingredients that have been traditionally used to assist with problems related to energy, sleep, bloating, skin, food intolerances, mood, women’s health (PCOS, PMS, Endometriosis, Fertility) and men’s health. Your Tea want to help you achieve balance, simply and naturally.. and it’s as easy as a cup of Your Tea.

You really need to check out their website to see all the amazing different types of tea they have!  There is something for everything!  Sleep, energy, pms, detox, hangovers, and more. Literally EVERYTHING. You will want to try them all. 

At Your Tea, they do things differently.  Their philosophy is quite simple; they believe in treating your body with love and respect.