Moments with Mom ~ Elena Sanchez

Elena Sanchez, has a natural, romantic style to her photography and her newborn props, making her the perfect choice to curate the February box.  Elena's photography can be seen every month on our Instagram page, but if you want to get in on her personal style, check out her amazing Etsy shop here.  We asked Elena some questions for our Moments with Mom spotlight. 

1. You and your husband have a very romantic relationship. Can you tell us your story?

My husband Israel and I actually met online before it was the really big thing it is today.  He was living in Miami and I was in Kansas.  After a few months of emailing, talking on the phone, and Skype, he proposed to me when I visited him in Miami.  We were then married later that year, and about six and half years later, here we are with two kids back in Kansas.  Because our relationship was founded on solely talking and writing before we met in person, we try to keep an open dialogue in our marriage and text often during the day while Israel is at work and I’m home with the kids.  Every single day since we got married, Israel has sent me a text about an hour after leaving for work just to say, “I love you.”  I look forward to it every day.  

2. Do you have plans for Valentine's Day?

For Valentine’s Day this year, we are going to celebrate the day before with dinner and a movie, one of our favorite date night combos.  It gets harder to find a babysitter on the actual Valentine’s Day after you have kids!  

3.  As a photographer who works with newborns, do you constantly have baby fever?! What's your favorite part of your job?

Actually working with newborns calms my baby fever down a little bit!  I get to snuggle newborns, breathe in that fresh baby scent, and then send them back home with their parents after a couple of hours.  I always wrap the baby for the first pose of the session, and getting to hold them on my lap and wrap them snugly is probably my favorite part of the job.  It is then I see how sensitive they are to movement, if they like being wrapped, and I get to study their tiny little features.  

4. What was the inspiration behind starting your business Fig & Fern?

I started my other business Fig & Fern, because I’ve also always loved making things with my hands.  I try to use really delicate materials that will accentuate the baby’s tiny features, and I love using very organic and natural materials, too.  My business keeps evolving as my style grows and changes, and in the future I would love to make other items.

5. As a mom with a child that has severe food allergies, is there anything that you wish the people in your son's life knew?

I think the most important thing is just to be aware of it, and not to minimize the seriousness of it. I think it’s sad it’s become almost a joke in our culture to make light of food allergies or think that someone is just being picky, but it is a growing problem.  When I say that my son has food allergies, it is very serious and unfortunately in his case, if he even touches his allergens he will go into anaphylaxis, which can lead to death if not immediately treated.  So the severity is always there, and it has made me realize just how precious life is.  I am so thankful for good friends of ours who truly understand how serious food allergies are, and go out of their way to make him safe and included.  

6. Being a working mom who works out of the home, it often seems like your work day never ends. What do you do to recharge your batteries?

The work day never really does end!  I try to edit and work on my prop business during nap time, but most of it happens after the kids go to bed.  I’m often up late into the wee hours of the night, the kids wake up early and the cycle just kind of keeps going.  I do try to take a night or two off a week to recharge by binge watching Gilmore Girls or Grey’s Anatomy, my two favorite shows.  I also take a “sanity break” if I’ve had a particularly rough day with the kids.  I’ll grab a glass of wine, pass the kids off to Israel and hide in the bedroom for a while.  It’s wonderful, haha.