Rugs USA

by Ainsley Anderson

My go-to place to shop for rugs is Rugs USA. Rugs USA offers affordable, durable rugs. Their rugs fit everyone’s budget without skimping on quality.  I can always achieve “the look for hundreds less” when I compare their rugs to those on other retailers.

I bought this rug for nook 2 year ago from Rugs USA.  I wasn’t sure how it’d hold up because it was so affordable.  Since we had just moved into a new house and I wanted all new furniture, I needed to save money where I could.  You guys!  This rug has held up beautifully.  Two year later with many spills and millions of passes of the vacuum ---it still looks brand new.  I’ve read horror stories of jute rugs falling apart but my Rugs USA jute has been a dream.

Rugs USA | Ainsley Anderson |  Vintage Castle Medallion Rug here.
Rugs USA Vintage Castle Medallion Rug here.
Rugs USA Vintage Castle Medallion Rug

A few weeks back I was browsing through Rugs USA and fell in love with this rug.  As soon as I unrolled the rug, I was amazed at how thick and durable the rug actually was.  I was expecting a blue rug but I was shocked at how many colors it had-- it picked up the warm brown of my sofa, the ashy brown of my wood floor, the gray tones in my pillows, and the creamy canvas in my armchairs.  When my mom saw it for the first time, she started telling me all the places she wanted it in her house.  It really is that good! You can find this same Vintage Castle Medallion Rug here.

And since I can’t help myself… I’m got my eye on this one for our play room, this, this or this for my office, this in navy or this for my son’s room and this one for my daughters room.

xo Ainsley