Moments with Moms: Dani Marie Krum

Our October curator, Dani Krum, runs a blog, works as a nurse and manages the needs of her young family – all while styling outfits we’ve copied a time or two. She’s the first to say it’s not always as perfect or easy as it looks yet it’s (usually) worth it. Here’s more from Dani about the mom juggle and staying grounded in the ever-evolving world of fashion blogging.

Moments with Moms: Dani Marie Krum

Tell us about you, personally and professionally. 

My name is Dani Krum. I am a mama to one little boy named King and am completely obsessed with Diet Coke, like give it all to me. I love to snack on anything and everything through the day and play with King whether it is going on walks, playing cars on the floor, or monsters through the house. I currently work as a pediatric nurse one day a week and run a fashion & lifestyle blog called Dani Marie where I share functional fashion to still be a mama in and our adventures as a family. I have grown so much from this little space on the internet and made so many amazing friends and would love to have you as my newest friend!

Why did you decide to go into pediatric nursing? What do you love about your day job?

I went into nursing for my sweet special needs little brother. I never thought in a million years I would be able to take care of him but the stars aligned and he is the only patient that I currently take care of. I love that I get to spend what I call my "bonus" time with him that could have been spent taking care of someone else. What job is better than taking care of your own brother??

You always put together the most darling outfits! What inspires you in fashion?

I love to come up with ways to make pieces functional to still run and chase your little ones. While heels are fun to dress up in, they aren't fun to chase your kids in! I love to pair things differently and unexpectedly to make them little one approved!

You are doing the mom juggle of running a business and having a family. What has worked for you? How do you manage your time effectively?

Yes! It is a hard juggle a lot of the time. Something that I have found really has helped me make sure that King is taken care of and has attention is every morning and every afternoon/night King gets 15 minutes of undivided attention. My phone is put away, the dishes can wait, the new email that popped up gets unread for a minute and we play just the two of us. It has really helped me to focus on what is the most important to me and make sure that he gets mama time too.

How do you stay grounded in the ever-evolving world of blogging?

To be honest, it is something that is an everyday battle. It is so easy to want or think I need something else. My biggest thing is just that I try to mind my own business. It doesn't matter that that cute family is at the zoo today and we are still in p.j.'s, that new bag is sure pretty, but it isn't the right time and that is okay because if I focus on myself and my business then I focus on the things that truly matter and affect my life.

What do you hope people gain when they visit your site or your feed? 

Happiness and love. I want everyone to feel welcome, that we are best friends, and that I truly love them and that they are doing amazing in every aspect of their life no matter what path they are on.

Tell us about a success and a failure-turned-lesson in your work. 

I get told "NO" a lot, and at first it was really hard for me. It is someone saying no to my little boy, my life, my husband, the way I present myself, etc. I have learned to not take "NO" as something personal. We are all in different phases and places in life, a "NO" may just be a door opening to something that is perfectly meant to be even if I have to wait for it a little bit.

What can we look forward to from your blog coming up?

Stories of my successes and defeats in motherhood, and how I get through them with tears, smiles, and giggles. Also as always functional fashion that is affordable and you can chase your littles in!