Out and About with Fawn Design

We work so hard to fill our Mommy Mailbox up with the best treats for mom every month. Once in a while, we come across an item that’s too big for our boxes but too good not to share. We’re loving the Fawn Design backpack style bags these days. They’re perfect for carting around all our kids’ stuff but still nice enough for a lunch date with the hubby or a manicure with the girls.

fawn design

Fawn Design was started by a darling husband and wife duo that cut and sewed their first bags out of a little apartment. Talk about good memories! Seeing other entrepreneurial mamas in action is what keeps us going. They were definitely onto something.

Probably my favorite part about the bag, besides the simplicity and modern feel of the design, is how easy it is to clean. Not kidding, my kids once dumped a whole box of Quaker oats in my diaper bag so from then on, I’ve been super picky about which one will work for me. This bag was super wipeable and doesn’t absorb spills.