Finding Joy in the Everyday

Our September curator, Liz Joy, brings us a piece of her East Coast style this month. After getting her take on the mom thing a few months ago, we snagged her again to talk about the business of blogging and juggling motherhood today.  And don’t forget to grab the box she curated here.

Pure Joy Home Interview
Pure Joy Home Interview

You always put together the most darling outfits. What inspires you in fashion?

I tend to go for the light and airy look, anything that's light in color and usually flowy. I also lean towards a boho vibe that kind of reflects my laid back way of living. I'm loving anything off the shoulder and embroidered lately! 

You are doing the mom juggle of running a business and having a family. What has worked for you? What have you learned from?

I've come to learn that I can't do both without help and I'm not afraid to ask for it. I have lots of amazing babysitters and a supportive family who lives in town. I still struggle with mom guilt now and again but in the end, I hope my kids seeing me work is a good influence on their future. 

I try and be with them as much as I can during their waking hours and work my tush off while they're sleeping.

You worked in corporate recruiting for many years. Tell us why you left this path and how it led to blogging. 

Dying to move into NYC after college, I took the first job that I was offered. I was over the moon to have a salary, benefits and my first apartment. I worked in recruiting and HR for eight years and although I always loved the people piece and community that came from my various positions, I longed for a creative outlet so I started blogging. I worked the days away, and loved my nights meeting other creatives in the blogging world and writing away on my laptop. It wasn't until having my first baby that I decided to throw in the towel with the corporate side of things and take motherhood and my business by the horns. My little Brian opened a world of opportunity when he came into this world – a chance for his mama to follow her dreams as a business owner and a mother full time. 

Tell us about a success and a failure-turned-lesson in your work. 

I’ve been learning to slow down and accept that there is only so much I can handle with this venture. There is a word of opportunity out there and I can't tell you how many times I've gotten carried away with projects and even ideas that could grow my brand and lots of times it works out but there are times when I have to turn off the switch and say no. My first priority is being the best mom I can be, and my work is to compliment that in a way that fits into my family, and not interfere with it. 

What can we look forward to from Pure Joy Home this year?  

Lots more original quality content in the form of fashion, entertaining, decorating and motherhood! Brand collaborations and partnerships and new ways to shop looks on Instagram and Snapchat!