Mom's we love: Haley Kjar

We love seeing you show off your #mommymailbox goodies and they don't come better than former curator Haley Kjar.

Haley Kjar

Hey mamas! Here's to sweet + chill moments, that make up for the my-sanity-is-hanging-by-a-thread moments this summer. 😉 Anyone else like me, experience a good mix of those daily? ✌🏻️ Summer is equal parts such a gift + quite the challenge for us parents right? Solidarity! 👊🏻😘 In case you could use a pick me up, I wanted to pass on that @mommymailbox is having a little sale! Monthly boxes filled with fantastic goodies that come right to your doorstep. Yes please. A couple of my favorite things in June's box was the @previseskincare sunblock that I've been lathering myself with (mama's skin needs protection too!) and those adorable koozies holding my favorite prickly pear San Pellegrinos. 👌🏻  Treat yourself mamas, you deserve it. 💛

A million x's and o'x.  Thank you Haley!