Mommy Mailbox Diet Tips

Today we’re rounding up our favorite tips for sticking on your diet. Check them out and let us know yours too.

From Sarah:

  1. Be prepared. I devote one morning (or evening) a week to food prep. This means that I am roasting veggies and putting them into Tupperware in individual servings in the fridge. I slice all my melon (or whatever fruit I am having this week) and put that in the fridge in individual servings too. I have my husband grill a weeks worth of lean meat for me and I put that in the fridge. This way, whenever I am hungry, I already have everything ready and portioned out. This prevents me from reaching for crackers or chips because it is “easier.”

  2. Shop at Costco. Costco has such large portions that I know I will not run out for the week. I know that I will always have my fruits and veggies stocked in my fridge if I am buying in bulk. Once again, this saves me from reaching for the chips or crackers if I know I already have apples in the fridge.

From Ainsley:

  1. Write down your goals and check them off each day.  I like to keep my “goal chart” on the wall above my scale really helps me stay accountable.  Right now my “goal chart” includes no sugar, workout goals, clean eating and no late night snacking.  Each morning when I weigh myself I see it and it keeps me motivated day after day.

  2. Plan your meals.  I’m obsessed with food and I eat so much better when I am eating healthy.  Try new recipes and when you find something you love eat it everyday.  Focus on what you can eat and not what you can’t eat.  Healthy can be so yummy!

  3. Years ago Sarah taught me a little phrase that I love, “Go to bed hungry, wake up skinny.”  Pick a time each night and stop eating.  It works.