The Mamahood Blog

Today we are so excited to introduce to you to Aubrey Grossen of The Mamahood blog.  Not only is she the most adorable mom ever, but so inspiring as well.  Read a little bit about her journey below and make sure and keep up with her here.

The Mamahood Blog

Hi!  I'm Aubrey Grossen. My family and I currently live in a small town outside of Dallas. I am a full time mom to a little fire cracker of a two year old boy who is my whole world. I love trying new things and always have random "ideas" or hobbies on the side. Recently, I've been teaching piano, finishing school, blogging, and doing photography, but my favorite would be the weekend adventures I have with my boys and crossing off our bucket list. I'm a big believer in finding the "good" in everything. There is always something to smile about. 

When I first became a mom, I really struggled and had a MILLION questions. I suffered with postpartum depression and like a lot of moms, felt like I was drowning in the tasks of new motherhood and lack of sleep. I was so grateful that I had a mom and 4 sisters to get help from but I worried about those who didn't have family to ask. I created a group on Facebook called The Mamahood and started inviting my friends to talk and ask any kind of "mom" questions. It started with just 40 close friends and family and now has over 13,000 members- I can't believe how fast it has grown! After it started to take off, I decided to start blogging for moms as well. My blog is called The Mamahood Blog. There you will find a lot about my own mamahood and the things I've gone through since becoming a mom, as well as the adventures my little family likes to go on. Some of it is deep, other posts are light hearted. It's for every mom in every season. I've started to host events as well where moms get to take the night off to make mom friends, be inspired by motivational speakers, and learn a new skill. I'm excited for the next projects I have coming in the future! 

The mama hood blog

Ever since I was little, I've always had a passion for moms and felt like they need to hear how great of a job they're doing. I hope to be that tool in helping moms feel that love and support. I'm a big fan of Mommy Mailbox because their purpose is really similar and they are sending love mail to moms all over the world. I received my first box after going through my second miscarriage and I felt so uplifted and loved. Who doesn't love getting packages and love-mail!? Every mom deserves and needs these boxes in her life!