Moments with Moms: Jylare Smith

Today we are excited to talk with our close friend and MMB photographer Jylare Smith.  Jylare offers wedding photography, family & lifestyle sessions, birth & newborn sessions, interior work, product shoots and everything in between!  Her approach in photography is candid, relaxed and directional, resulting in beautiful, modern and real photos.  Jylare currently serves the Salt Lake City & Utah County areas and Orange County surrounding areas monthly.  

Read more about Jylare below and be sure and follow @jylaresmith!

Moments With Moms: Jylare Smith
Moments With Moms: Jylare Smith
Moments With Moms: Jylare Smith

Tell us a little bit about yourself personally and professionally.

I live in Orem Utah with my handsome husband and our three sweet kids, Scarlett, Magnolia and Huntington. I'm a wedding, lifestyle and interior photographer here in Utah and monthly in Southern California and then also wherever else my clients send me! I love fashion and design and I never say no to a Diet Coke.

Tell us how you got into photography.

My high school boyfriend got me into it and bought my my first professional film camera! After that I was addicted and forced all my friends and family as subjects. I made it my major in college and quickly started my business after that, coming on 8 years. I always have a camera on me, whether it be film, digital or instax. 

Your photography work is amazing. Tell us how you find inspiration as you style your photos?

I feel really passionate about lifestyle photography and I love being with families and people who love each other. I'm big on setting my up my lifestyle sessions as a happy and enjoyable time for everyone. Thats when the real smiles and feelings come out and you see that clearly on the photograph. My love language is physical touch and time together and that is a big part of my wedding and lifestyle work. When I'm shooting product or interiors I'm constantly trying to achieve the feeling of the photograph. I want my viewers to feel the beautiful space I'm capturing or the purpose of the product. I also enjoy design and fashion in my everyday life and that is always spilling into my photography. It's not rare for me to raid my house or closet for props to style a photograph.

How do you balance working + taking care of your family?!

Somehow I manage to be both a full time stay at home mom and a full time photographer, which is quite the juggling act but it works for me! Mainly with late nights and little sleep... anyone else relate to that? ;) When my first child was 2 I had a lot of mom guilt trying to juggle being a good mom to her and being a business owner. I was trying to spend my day juggling both and it just wasn't working and she often would spend her days watching movies while I worked. It was a real turning point for me and I changed how I did things. Now I spend most days with undivided attention to my kids and home. Once or twice a week I have a sitter for them while I work and do photoshoots during the day and I whenever I need it. Then I spend my nights with my husband or on photoshoots and working late on my computer. I never sit down during the day and I like to be busy! I also am passionate about taking time for myself by scheduling personal care, girls trips and dates with my husband.

What are some of your favorite things to do with your family?

We love being outside, walking around the city and playing at home together. Friday night is always pizza night at our house and something we all look forward to!