Moments with Moms: Amelia (Emmy) Jones

Emmy Jones’ beautiful IG feed (@ameliahannah) has long been a favorite for her clean, modern style and poignant captures of motherhood. But it was her home décor shop, Maewoven, that really had us hooked. Emmy curated our July box and may have slipped a little something from Maewoven in every single one! Yes indeed but you’ll have to grab her box here to see what she’s treating us to this month.

Read Emmy’s thoughts on motherhood and being a business owner below today.

Moments with Moms: Amelia (Emmy) Jones
Moments with Moms: Amelia (Emmy) Jones
Moments with Moms: Amelia (Emmy) Jones
Moments with Moms: Amelia (Emmy) Jones

Tell us a little about you, personally and professionally.

Hello! I am Amelia (Emmy) Jones, mom to two crazy, amazing kids and our five year old Vizsla, wife to my best friend and travel companion, and a very right-brained person, turned businesswoman as of one year ago almost exactly! 

Mae Woven has been an incredible journey, starting with a single piece of fabric found at a vintage shop in Austin. I had no idea what I was doing back then, and still sometimes feel that way, but I have grown in so many ways this past year and have enjoyed just about every moment. 

Mae Woven is such a beautiful shop. Describe your esthetic for us.

Thank you! I often describe our aesthetic as clean, midcentury-bohemian. I feel like the two styles were made for each other! 

Anything new or fun on the horizon for Maewoven? 

Yes! So many exciting things coming up. Curating and creating new beautiful things is one of my favorite parts of owning this business. I won’t give too much away, but we are getting some incredible rugs here shortly. I cannot wait to show them off!

We love seeing shots of your beautiful home on your IG feed. What are some of your favorite items you've included in it and why?

My favorite pieces in my home always have meaning. Our mud cloth pillows will always be nostalgic for me, as they are where Mae Woven began. My husband and I traveled around South Africa for our honeymoon and we brought back some wooden birds that hang in our home. Also, my mom, who is an amazing artist, painted a picture of our first home we lived in together. It will always be a special piece for us. 

What does a perfect day look like for you and your little ones?

Josh and I are both business owners and work quite a bit. We try really hard to put our phones aside on the weekends to give our kids all of our attention. Our “perfect” days always seem to be the most simple. We wake up, make breakfast together while dance partying in the kitchen, go running/scootering at the park and play in the splash park…we would end the day BBQing at home, while lounging together on our balcony. 

Parenting is such a learning process. What's a recent lesson you've learned as you mother your children? 

Oh my goodness. I feel like I learn new things every day with them! This may sound cheesy, but they truly teach me what matters in this world. I can easily get wrapped up and overwhelmed with whatever I’m working on. Quality time with my kids puts everything in perspective. I feel blessed every day to be their mom.

To you, motherhood in three words is…..

Love, attention, encouragement.