Moments with Moms: Aubrey Kinch

As a mom and a stepmom, Aubrey Kinch brings a unique outlook to motherhood that shows the power of unending love. Today she shares how she’ll use some of the products in our Born for This box and how she’s learned to mother at all ages and stages.

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Aubrey Kinch
Aubrey Kinch
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Tell us a little about you, personally and professionally.

I'm a born and raised Phoenician and married my husband, Andrew in 2010. Shortly after is when I started my blog to document life being married and as a new stepmom to Drake who was 4 at the time. We had our daughter, Emery in October 2014 and have only gotten busier with everything!

Shortly after I started my blog, I was working at our church doing social media marketing and web design on the side, which has now evolved into my full time job at home with independent clients. I love what I do and am fortunate to stay home with my kids while also working doing my passion!

You have such lovely photos of your family on your blog and feed. Any tips for getting good shots of littles?

Thank you! I snap snap snap and after about 100 pictures in one sitting, I sort through and see what's best to use. It's also those moments when it's crazy that you get the best shots of your kids! I also love natural light and A Color Story app for editing on my iPhone.

Your family has a boy and a girl at different stages. Tell us how you mother differently for different ages. 

Mothering for a stepchild and for your biological child can be a challenge in itself! I've always tried to put myself in Drake's mom's shoes to make sure I wouldn't be stepping on toes and we've been blessed over the years to have gained a strong friendship for the betterment of Drake. That being said, Andrew and I are facing totally different realms with the kids and their stages now so we always talk through what we feel is best and parent in the way we feel is necessary for the kids and their ages.

The two of them get along so well and are so bonded, it's blown my mind! We love having the gap in their age and really are excited to watch their friendship grow!

Tell us a little about when you found out you were pregnant with Emery. 

It really was a God moment for me because we had been trying for a while and it was always a stress and upsetting time for me month after month not getting a positive pregnancy test. The week before I found out I was pregnant, I finally gave it all to the Lord and trusted in His timing and before I knew it, there was a little "pregnant" notification blinking back at me on my pregnancy test! Naturally, the whole family was elated!

What do you look for when selecting products for her, or any new baby you're buying for?

I've gotten a lot of advice on items to try from other moms and with trial and error we've found The Honest Co has some really great things that works for Emery. From formula to diapers to skin products, it's been a great place of comfort for us.

Describe motherhood to you in three words. 

Selflessness. Fulfillment. Love.