Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

One mama to another, we’re all about spreading the word on good stuff that makes life easier. We found Oh Mama on Instagram and were intrigued to learn more about the story behind the brand and the women who started it with kids at home. Their story hit kinda close to home for some reason ;)

oh mama

Oh Mama shares both local and national content related to motherhood but emphasizes connecting moms in the same geographic location for advice, events, play dates, you name it. Haven’t we all needed that? We loved that Oh Mama created an instant sisterhood, which kind of felt like what we are trying to accomplish every month through our boxes. We couldn’t wait to learn more about the what and the why behind their platform. In the words of Oh Mama cofounders and lifelong friends Jamie and Allie:

If you want something done, you have to do it yourself, right? When we launched Oh Mama, we were both feeling the fatigue of new motherhood, the sense of confusion and dazed, sleep-deprived haziness that comes when your world is rocked by the new little creature you are all of a sudden responsible for. As friends forever, we had each other for support, but we were also looking at a million blogs every day and trying to connect the dots about everything: feeding, postpartum issues, the best stuff to buy, how to balance our days. Rather than hop around on the web from one forum to another, we wanted it all in one place. That's how Oh Mama was born.  

We see the site and the app as a place for moms to meet and instantly feel like they have a tribe—making mom friends can be so hard, especially in those first few isolating months when you're practically housebound with a newborn. Syncing up schedules, finding ways to connect, it's all really tricky in those first few months and years. But our platform makes sharing intel instant and easy, and makes getting an answer to a pressing question a community experience. There are so many mamas out there with so much wisdom to share.

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