Moments With Mom

Our January curator, Angelica Castaneda, is a former corporate sales manager turned life manager of her active one year old son, as well as a wife and the creative mind behind her thriving fashion and parenting blog. Her first priority in life is family and she's put together some wonderful things in our January box that help bring people together. We asked her a few questions for her Moments With Mom interview.

How has becoming a mom changed you?

This blessing has truly changed me to my core. I lived a very selfish, fast-paced life that was full of predictability and self-regulation before I had my son. I am a planner--I like knowing what to expect-- therefore it was what I imposed on myself. Becoming a mom changed the logistics of how I approach and handle everyday life. I have come to learn to love spontaneity! We stop and smell the roses more often as well. You can't truly schedule a child's needs.

I am more patient. Working with thousands of adults in a corporate environment did not provide me with half the patience I have now. I am much more selfless and humble. It is no longer about me. What I need and desire come second--and furthermore, to my surprise, I don't mind at all. 

What goals do you have for your blog and Instagram?

I am dedicating my efforts to reaching a wider audience for my blog. I want to reach more moms all over the world.  I will focus on providing content moms can relate to--whether it is to touch, educate, entertain or provide a comforting space. I want them to see the vulnerability of motherhood. Not everything is always pretty and pink. Motherhood is a deep, complex journey that I want to share more of. I also aim to aspire moms like myself to locate and achieve their style and glow. You will continue to see our everyday journey on Instagram. My goals for the new year will be to bring moms of all ages affordable trends and where they can attain them. 

You have such a timeless personal style. What are your biggest style inspirations?

You are much too kind! My style inspiration originated from Sex and the City. I am an original fan! I dreamt of being Carrie Bradshaw's sidekick at New York Fashion Week! This is the one aspect I didn't want to lose in myself when I became a mom. It is my motivation. I love my shoes! I just traded the 5 inch heel for a flat over the knee lately. I take trends from Vogue and make them my own fit for my personality.  Other blogger mamas inspire me as well. I consider them the real runway. 

With the holidays coming, can you share any holiday traditions you plan on sharing with your son?

My favorite time of the year! I truly start a countdown in July. It is our tradition to celebrate on Christmas Eve. Dinner is a formal affair full of passed down recipes and time to rejoice with family. We gather at my mom's house, dine and sit by the fire afterwards to wait for midnight to say Merry Christmas. First thing in the morning we open presents together in our pjs. I intend on continuing this with our son. My wish and hope is that he cherishes these memories just as I did as a child. We also want to start traditions of our own! Whether it will be going to the polar express or seeing our local zoolights, we would like to create our own traditions as well. For certain, I would like to leave Santa cookies and milk as well as carrots for his reindeer. Finally, I would also like to incorporate reading the book The Night Before Christmas. I cannot wait!   

 Being so busy with being a wife and mom, what kind of me-time rituals do you have that help to recharge your batteries?

This is so important, and yet my biggest challenge to take care of myself the way I should.  I make sure I meet with my best friends every month for coffee, brunch or dinner. Or like recently, an orchestra! We catch up, laugh, and encourage each other. It does so much good for the soul and I feel empowered and relaxed afterwards. Just the three of us being ourselves. At that moment I am not mommy, I am Angelica. I am also returning to getting my manicure every two weeks, or as close to it as possible. My nail technician is my therapist! I look forward to sitting in that chair, getting pampered while sipping on my cup of coffee, uninterrupted. Doing this for myself I believe makes me a better mother and wife.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions? What are your goals for 2017?

Yes! Cliche perhaps, but getting healthier! Eating more clean and returning cardio to my life. Relying on breastfeeding to burn calories will no longer suffice! I love yoga, therefore I will begin to incorporate it into my daily life again. In motherhood, you can never have too much zen. It is also my desire to give more attention to my marriage. This year has been all about our son, so my goal will be to bring back date night! With a little help from grandma, we can start implementing them immediately. Professionally, my New Year's goal will surround my blog and time management. All success comes with dedication and wise investments. Mine this coming year will be in time. I cannot wait for you mamas to see what is coming in 2017!