On my mind...

This week has been so busy around here.  I've been trying to get everything in check before the Thanksgiving festivities hit.  My family is taking a 10 day road trip starting Friday and I'm looking forward to no work and the open road!

Speaking of open road, My husband and I love listening to podcasts while we drive.  We are on the second season of Serial, its so good.  

I also LOVE the Chris Loves Julia podcast.  Its such a treat to have something fun to listen to while I do my dishes.  

Dying for this dress and this shirt, both 25% off today!

So excited about this all natural beauty line.  I started with the Day Cream and Night Cream back in August and I loved it so much I bought everything this past month- Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Toner, Eye Cream and Serum.  The reviews speak for themselves and bonus, its so affordable!

Loving this drink, Only 5 calories and a nice little caffeine boost.

Did you see that Natalie Borton got Microblading?  Oh my, it looks sooo good! I'm dying to get mine done.

Enjoy your Wednesday! xo