Three Mothers

Change is in the air everywhere, including here at Mommy Mailbox. Sarah, Ainsley and I are thrilled to share that we’re passing the reins to another hard working mama, Kate Gray. Kate has a background in subscription boxes and brings that instinct for style that our subscribers have come to expect from Mommy Mailbox. We’ll give her the space to share her story but we couldn’t be more excited to see her take the business to the next level and bring our mission to even more mothers.

The three of us started this business exactly two years ago. We each had two little kids at home, we wanted to keep our professional skillsets fresh and we were wondering what the next phase looked like for each of us. After flushing out the initial concept of Mommy Mailbox (and a few sleepless nights), we finally decided, Why not? Let’s go for it. We’re as ready as we’ll ever be. We sent out a few emails to vendors and were overwhelmed at the immediate positive responses. Our baby with three mothers was born.

Then came the work. We built our brand from scratch on a shoestring budget with little but sweat equity and a discerning eye. We fit in emails, orders, coding, pinning, marketing, shipping and branding in the stolen moments of naptime, nighttime and predawn hours because we knew this was an idea worth sacrificing for. One that could fulfill other mothers nationwide while also filling our own cups.  

The business grew. And grew. Opportunities came knocking, connections were made and brands we never dreamed would look our way were suddenly excited to be our partners. It was everything we wanted it to be and, dare I say it, often even more.  

It’s been far from easy of course. We’ve lost plenty of sleep, we’ve disagreed (once in a while) and we’ve shed tears. Our group text stream is endless and we’ve clocked more hours on the phone than a teenage girl with her first boyfriend.

But just as our business left the infant stage behind, our families were changing too. New babies, new houses, new jobs have meant our families needed us in ways we wanted to give. In a bittersweet moment, our trio realized it was time to send our baby out into the world to be nurtured by another mother. For now, our focus will be on our families and we are incredibly grateful this business has given us the chance to now do that. Kate is more than ready to take the business to the next step and you’ll only notice better and better boxes going forward.

To our subscribers and followers, we’ve loved sharing this journey with you. We appreciate your support SO so very much. We know big things are still to come from each of us personally and professionally and we can’t wait to explore what’s next.


Sarah, Jamie and Ainsley