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I moved into a new house this year after several years of saving and searching, and it’s become a hobby of mine to peruse for inspiration to fill my empty walls. I love searching out and saving up for unusual art pieces for little spots in my home but with two little kids, I don’t have much time to gallery stroll these days! Minted is pretty fun because you can mix art prints with home décor and try out new combos all the time.

I’m a bit addicted, which is why we were so excited to include them in our January box. Each box featured the Blousy print by Minted Marketplace artist Katie Craig. Katie shared some thoughts behind the piece today as well as what inspires her art and helps her stay creative in today’s busy world.


minted art

Tell us a little about your background, personally and professionally.

I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California and now I live in a suburb of Dallas, TX with my husband and two dogs, Penny + Pippa! I've always been creative and had a wonderful support system of family, friends and teachers to encourage me creatively. I work full time as a Marketing Coordinator for an Architectural firm. I love the balance it gives me with my creative work in my home studio

Tell us about your work. 

My work has subtly evolved from when I began seriously painting a few years ago. My work is inspired by the intersection of color and movement, I aim to create pieces that evoke emotion and make people smile!

Today's world is so busy with constant demands on our time. How do you find that space to just create? 

Finding time/space to create is a huge struggle of mine. Even when I have a chunk of free time, there is always something else that NEEDS to be done. I'm grateful to have a husband who helps me allot time for myself and my creative business. It may be only an hour here and an hour there, but it does add up! 

Where do you go to find inspiration? 

I find most of my inspiration in compositions/color palettes. I know that is pretty vague, but just by looking at a lovely photo of a house or a floral arrangement can get my creative juices flowing. I love pops of color and I'm currently into chartreuse, that funky color between yellow, green and gold.

Tell us about a piece you've created with some sentimental value to you. 

Pieces that I have worked long and hard to finish hold the most value to me. Being able to work through a piece from its beginning layers and see it transform into a lovely (or not so lovely) piece of work, is cathartic. Even when a canvas does not turn out how I expected, there is always hope for another layer!

Tell us a little about Blousy, the piece in every January box

Blousy is one of those pieces I struggled with. I went back and forth on the balance of it and my brush strokes just didn't seem right to me, I was creatively off. I took a step back for a few days and then attempted again, my hand was a little more relaxed and the end result was Blousy! 

If you weren't an artist you'd be.....

…I would own a home goods boutique that featured local artists work, does that count?! I really enjoy knowing that my work brings happiness to other people, so even if I wasn't an artist myself, I would definitely be involved in the arts!

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