Stay Well Kept

The cleanliness of lysol, but with the look of Lagerfeld. These stylish little beauties from our September box make it easy to keep dirt and smudges off your phone and blemishes off your face.

Read about the woman behind Stay Well Kept, founder Neely Kolsch below.


What inspired Stay Well Kept?

Before Stay Well Kept I worked full time doing disaster recovery. Whenever there was a major disaster, I would be on ground zero in my high heels. With that job, I was always on my cell phone and I quickly started noticing that my face was breaking out. I did some research and learned how dirty cell phones get. I searched everywhere for the perfect way to clean my device. I went to all the big chain office stores and tried every product. Everything on the market was sold in bulky containers and a lot of them dried out easy. I saw a void and knew I could do something about it.

Bravo on starting your own business! What was that process like for you?

I wanted to create a quality product that was convenient, cute and fashionable. First, I pitched the idea to a friend who owns several boutiques. My friend loved the idea and told me if I could create the wipes by Black Friday she’d put them in her stores. So I did, and she was my first customer. In 2012 Sara Blakely of Spanx picked Stay Well Kept as a must-have stocking stuffer; that endorsement was huge for us. Stay Well Kept is now carried at J Crew, Anthropologie, and Sephora online.

Running a company is a lot of work! What's your favorite aspect of running your own business?

I am a newlywed and I’ve recently moved so I’d say I love having the flexibility in my life. I also love finding ways to give back. I was inspired by the book Start Something that Matters, which touts that you can have a full profit company but still do good. We have created special patterns where a portion of the proceeds are donated to various causes. Our drive pattern helps fund ALS awareness and our karogoto pattern helps business start-upsand education in Karogoto, Kenya.  

What does a day at the office look like?

Some days are really fun and some aren’t as glamorous. Earlier this week I was working on new designs and names for our spring line. However, today I am working with my accountant and balancing the books. Every day is different.  

What three tips would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

  1. Make deadlines for yourself and stick to them.

  2. It’s okay to keep your day job (and your cash flow) while starting your business.

  3. Be a mentor and find a mentor. So many people have helped me a long the way and it’s important to give back.