Moments with Moms:

One look at gorgeous mama Kelly McKee Zajfen and you’d think she never has a bad day chasing after toddler twins George and Lily. Though she assures us every day isn’t easy, Kelly has a good handle on the organization thing and the style thing. Along with her business partner and dear friend Tria Meisler, Kelly has created Little Minis, an eco-friendly and fashionable line of rompers for easy, everyday style. The items are available in limited numbers, meaning you better get your hands on them quick, with all production done locally in Los Angeles.

Read Kelly’s thoughts about designing her own line and infamous motherhood juggle.

Little Minis

We love that your line is all made in LA. Why is that important to you?

We think that it is incredibly important to support and invest in our community and reduce environmental impact. And because of our choices we have received incredible product, incredible partnerships, and really felt a wave of community all around us. It makes a community a home and I really feel so wonderful about Los Angeles in a way that I wasn’t aware of before we started this business. 

Tell me about your inspiration for Little Minis.

As mamas, and me being a mom of twins, we were really looking to do something that was easy and one piece. Something beautifully made, easy to grab, and really fashionable! So the two of us decided to create amazing rompers!! With our experience in fashion, it just made sense. It’s incredible because we work so well together while being good at different things. 

Juggling motherhood and a career is always tricky. Any tips for how you make it work?

This is such a tough question because work means being away from your children. And we all have different abilities to do that. I really try my best to get my work done when the kids are in school and of course fail at that when certain times are busier then others. It’s a really hard balance but one that I really need as a wife, a mother, and a woman. I need to make time to use my passions and ability so that I can better myself and thus be a better mom. So I try hard, fail hard and try again. As mothers we will always feel we missed out, wasn’t there, or worked to much at some point. I would say to try and get as much work done when they are at whatever activity they are in and when they are home, try your best to rest the phone down. It can wait. 

Any plans for adding boys clothing to the line?

Yes! In Spring 16 you will see a pretty amazing unisex romper. And of course my George will be rocking it first