Moments with Moms: Destiny Thompson

We snagged a minute to chat with Destiny Thompson, the sweet, stylish mama with the amazing hair who’s behind Truly Destiny. A Las Vegas native, Destiny and her family recently started a new chapter with a move to Houston. She chatted with us about the big city, the baby and blog today.


Tell us a little about you and your blog.

I am new to blogging & still learning! Trulydestiny is where I document things that I truly love. I blog about everything and anything – family, fashion, travel, fitness, beauty, home, etc. It's been a fun creative outlet for me and I'm excited to see where it takes me!

Motherhood is a wonderful job and a hard job. What does motherhood mean to you? 

Motherhood is the best job in the world. I've never been happier! It is hard and tiring, but so very rewarding. My biggest honor is being Truman's mama and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

What do you want to remember about the days Truman was little?

I want to remember the way he follows me around and never lets me out of his sight, the way he lets me know he wants to be held and snuggled, & his funny and cutest personality. That boy always has us smiling! 

You have such a great mom style – casual yet still with some glamour. What are some of your favorite pieces these days?

I can't live without my basics- basic tees & a nice pair of jeans! There are so many ways to style simple pieces, whether you want to dress an outfit up with a heel or down with a pair of sneakers.

I love that your blog talks about good things for the body and spirit. What do you do for yourself to keep your body and spirit balanced and in good condition?

I love to take time for myself to work out! It's hard now that I have Tru, but I always find a way, whether it's a quick at-home video or a jog outside. I also love to cook my family good, nutritious meals. I attend church regularly and always feel spiritually full & uplifted to take on a new week after a good church meeting.

Your blog shows lots of family shots. What have you loved about watching your husband become a dad?

I absolutely love seeing my husband with Truman! He is such a great daddy to him & Tru completely adores him. Everyday when Sid gets home from work, Truman runs over to the door and doesn't let his dad leave his sight for the rest of the night. They are best buds and that couldn't be sweeter! 

Tell us about the move to Houston. What has been easy and hard? What have you learned to love about your new spot?

Moving is always hard- especially because I am super close to my family. We moved to Houston not knowing anyone and of course it was scary, but we totally believe in stepping outside of our comfort zones to chase our dreams! Houston totally feels like home to us now and we love it so much! 

Truman is absolutely darling! What are some of his favorite things these days?

Thank you!  I think he's pretty dang cute too ;) & funny! He is full of personality and energy. He is always on the go, playing and making a disaster! Haha his nickname is Tornado Tru because he destroys everything he touches. He loves to swim & play basketball. He could do both all day long if I let him!