July Mommy Mailbox Reveal

This month’s curator, Tana Hallows of Moms Best Network put together the perfect blend of summertime goods. These carefully chosen items will help inspire and empower us as moms to focus on what is important this summer—making memories with those we love most!

july mommy mailbox
sw basics of brooklyn
happy cactus
july mommy mailbox
july mmb

Longest Thread Turkish Towel

This beautiful Turkish towel is sure to be used over and over again throughout the summer. I love how this towel can be used in so many different ways: as a towel, shawl, throw, or table covering. I’ve even seen a mom use hers as a nursing cover at the park! Absolutely a beautiful addition to your home or wardrobe in so many ways!

Chef’n Avocado Slicer

Have you tried this avocado slicer out yet? I love guacamole, and anything that helps make the guacamole faster and get it in my mouth quicker is a win in my book! Not only that, but beautifully sliced avocados can change the way a sandwich or a burger look. I feel like I can serve food that looks so gourmet and yet is so easy to prepare!

SW Basics Exfoliant

My face has never felt so smooth! This exfoliant has only three ingredients: organic oat flour, organic almond flour, and sea salt. This is a winning combination that truly leaves your face feeling clean and fresh.

Happy Cactus Card

This bright and cheery hand drawn card is sure to uplift someone’s day! In a world filled with text messaging and social media, nothing beats an old-fashioned card that lets someone know you are thinking of them. I can’t wait to send mine out!

ips Chips

Chips that are packed with protein?! Yes please!! These all natural chips have half the fat and six grams of protein. I can almost justify eating two bags of these!