Dads Do It Differently

Everyone knows that moms and dads just handle parenting differently. And those differences are probably what keep us laughing and help us stay sane at the same time.

To celebrate Father’s Day this year, the Mommy Mailbox husbands weighed in on some typical parenting scenarios and gave us their dad reactions. Take a look below – which spouse do you identify with?


It’s dinnertime and your spouse is gone. What are you feeding the kids?

Sarah: When my husband is not home for dinner, I usually make something easy for all of us, such as macaroni (and I eat it too). I include a fruit and vegetable side so that there are some nutritious parts to the meal too.

Colby: When Sarah is away for dinner, we have a real "boys meal!" I BBQ some hotdogs and warm up some chili and the boys and I enjoy some chili cheese dogs. We never get to eat like this when Sarah is home!

Mom/Dad needs a break and you’re taking the kids for a few hours. What does the outing look like?

Sarah: If my husband needs some time, I take my kids either to the park or to the local children's museum. This way I might be able to sit down for a minute too while my boys run around and play. My goal is always to get as much of their energy out as possible!

Colby: Sometimes on Saturday mornings, I take our boys out for a few hours so Sarah can have a few hours. The boys and I start our morning at the local donut shop and enjoy some donuts and milk. They we head over to Pet Smart and look at all of the animals -- fish, dogs, cats and birds. Then we head next door to Chuck E. Cheese and put a few tokens in the arcade games. The boys really like to play air hockey and then dance with Chuck E. Cheese! After that, we go to the grocery store and do the weekly shopping. We usually get home around lunch time-- just in time to eat and then we are all ready to take naps!


You forgot your kids have a birthday party to get to in 15 minutes. What needs to happen in order to get them there?

Jamie: Not to worry, I always buy toys on sale and keep them on hand for birthday parties. Extra bags, tissue paper and generic cards are always in the wrapping paper drawer to grab quickly. I’d let the kids play with the tissue paper and bows while I grabbed shoes, washed hands and faces, and made sure I had the address.  

Nate: Hmm, make sure everyone has clothes on, hunt down some shoes and try to locate my keys. No problem, we’re out the door. Oh wait, a present! Okay, swing by Target with the kids so by then, we’ll for sure be at least 30 minutes late. Just in time for cake!

You’re in charge of stuffing the stockings this Christmas. What are you putting in them?

Jamie: I try to not overload the kids so I honestly don’t like to fill them all the way full. An orange for the toe and a new tee for the middle, then 1-2 little toys they really want and a few pieces of candy.

Nate: Tons of candy! It’s Christmas after all. That plus lots of dollar store toys. Maybe an orange for the toe since Jamie likes that.  


One kid blows out his diaper while the other is on the verge of a meltdown in the middle of Target. What’s your action plan?

Ainsley: I keep my purse stocked with dum-dums for moments like these. The dum-dums will last me 5 minutes, long enough to checkout and head for the car. As for the blow out, I'd probably save it for when I got home. I hate changing in public bathrooms!

Paul: Wait, this exact thing happened the other weekend. Let Ainsley finish shopping and buy popcorn for the kids, but I try to never go to Target.

Kids are headed to a wedding (or somewhere else dressy). What are you dressing them in? 

Paul: I'd play it safe. For my daughter I'd put her in simple white or black dress. My son, whatever is clean. 

Ainsley: Haha, I like Paul's answer. I probably would have bought Cailin a special dress weeks before and Stone would be an afterthought. I feel less pressure with my son; he's adorable no matter what.