Moments with Moms: Rachel Green

We’ve been wanting to work with Rachel Green of Printed Ink Designs for a long time and were thrilled when she agreed to do a custom design on the tumbler from our June box. Her designs are meant to provide positive, uplifting messages for everyday life and this one really spoke to how we were feeling this month. Read more about how Rachel manages her business and grows her brand with a toddler in tow.

If you missed last month’s box and are dying to get your hands on this tumbler, let us know you want one in the comments below and we’ll add you to the waiting list when more are available.

rachel green
printed ink
rachel green
printed ink

Tell me a little bit about you and about your shop.

I am a city girl turned farmer's wife who has grown to love and cherish small town living. I am married to my best friend and blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I am inspired by God and all the joys he blesses us with on a daily basis. I strive to live my life for what matters and take time to enjoy each day as it comes. I have a heart for building strong brands that truly represent you, designing wedding stationery that helps tell each unique love story, and creating little details for life’s celebrations. I have a soft spot for beautiful and inspirational things that help you find the joy in your life. I believe that everything should be built on a strong foundation of faith and I carry that across my brand and business. I strive to live a life of joy and intention and I love inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.

Your daily work schedule post is the best method I've read in a while and one I want to start implementing! Tell me why you needed to develop this process for your business.

This has been in the works for the past year as I adjusted to being a new mom and a full time business owner. With a little one around the house, daily tasks can be a challenge to get done and it can be a struggle to balance the time between your work and your little one. As my son started getting older (and started taking less naps) I felt like I wasn’t being as productive with my time and that I was spending too much time trying to finish work instead of playing with him. I also felt like there were key pieces of my business that were being left out and not getting the attention they deserved. After months of schedule shifting and many sleep deprived days, we finally settled into a groove and that is when this method was born.

A couple of months ago, I started shifting the way I was thinking about my business tasks and what I needed to focus on, and determined how I could make that work best with the time I was given to work. That is when I decided to dedicate each day of the week to the most important areas of business so that everything got attention each week. I also started implementing more streamlined systems for each of these areas so that I could really stay on top of what needed to be done and spend less time looking at my to-do list. I started getting up at 6 in the morning to get myself ready and get work done and became more productive during nap time too. It took me a while to find this method and make it work best for me, but now that I have been doing it a while, I have continued to make it more streamlined, and I have noticed a huge jump in my productivity and an increase in business.

Your site is so lovely. What do you want your brand and products to bring into people’s lives? 

I want my brand to help people find the joy in their lives and focus on the things that make them happy. Each and every detail of our lives makes up our story and I want to help people celebrate those moments with design. 

Tell us about your little boy. What makes you most excited about being his mom? 

Oh gosh, where to start! My little boy is my whole life. He amazes me every day and I am so blessed to be his mama. I would have to say that I am probably most excited about just being able to be at home with him every day and watch him grow up. I love being able to be such a big influence in his life and create memories with him. He is truly a joy to be around every day, and there is always a smile on his face. He is a silly little boy who always makes me laugh and he is at the age where he is into everything and wanting to discover everything around him. Life is full of adventures with my little boy.

You've mentioned you're a reader. What are some of your favorite recent reads? 

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, but I don’t have as much time to read as I would like. My two favorite recent reads are Make It Happen by Lara Casey and The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. Those were such amazing, uplifting books and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a little clarity in their lives. Both helped me to be more confident in myself and see things a little clearer. I have a long list of books I would like to read next, and I am always looking for books to add!