Moments with Moms: Anna Miller

Throwing our hair in a pony tail just became a lot cuter! New mom, Anna Miller shared her Blueberry Hair Ties in our April box and we think they are fantastic! The prints on these hair ties add such cute detail, and makes a messy hair day so much better! Get to know her below...


Tell us a little bit about your professional life.

Prior to becoming a mother, I worked for an international construction and engineering company. I moved 7 times in 6 years and traveled throughout the United States. My job was to investigate errors (for example - workers not following a procedure, a mistake in a drawing), determine why they happened, and then put actions in place to prevent the error from happening again. I liked my job; I got to learn something new everyday and each day brought new challenges, but it required long hours and sudden relocations. Once I had my son, I took a break from the company to spend the first year with my son and have some more stability.

Describe how life has changed for you since becoming a mother. (Both good and bad)

One way my life has changed since becoming a mother is how much I appreciate every moment. I used to live a very fast-paced life - I was always going somewhere or doing something, but now I enjoy our Sunday walks on the greenway, our giggle fits during dinner time, and Saturday morning cuddles.

There is also the deep, deep love that developed as I watched my husband evolve into a father. I feel more vulnerable now than I ever have before. Without my husband and my son, I would be totally and completely lost.

How did you begin your small business Blueberry Hair Ties? Where did this idea come from?

I’ve actually been wearing hair ties for years and one day I found a tutorial on how to make your own hair ties. Soon I was browsing suppliers and loving all the colors and patterns. I made several sets as Christmas gifts for friends and one friend suggested I should sell them myself. At the time, my maternity leave was about to end and I still wanted to spend more time with my son, so I decided to open a small business to supplement our family’s income. I’ve always loved playing with patterns and colors (I’m also in love with washi tape, wrapping paper, jewelry, and fabrics), so this business actually suits my personality. Currently, it’s growing faster than I could have imagined and I couldn’t be happier.

Give us some tips on balancing your business and your family.

When I first became a stay at home mother, I used to really beat myself up for not having a clean house, make-up done, perfect outfit, and dinner ready at the end of the day. My husband was the one who set me straight - as long as baby is happy and fed and clothed, then it was enough. I balance everything by setting my priorities - family first and business second (followed by errands third and housework fourth). This usually means business gets taken care of when my son is sleeping (known as the “nap time hustle”) or I set up shop in the family room while my husband and son play so I don’t miss a minute.

What are some of your favorite things to do with your baby/family?

My son is on the cusp of crawling, so right now I love to roll around with him on the floor or the bed, watching him laugh and squeal. We also have two cats and my favorite time is Saturday morning when we are all cuddling in the bed together. Since it’s getting warmer and we just moved to Nashville, we’re now taking walks on the Nashville Greenway and exploring the city.