May 2015 Box Reveal

We love that we get to think about moms all year long at Mommy Mailbox but Mother’s Day made May an extra special one for us. Curated by Megan Papworth and Kailee Wright, this box was designed to make you feel appreciated, at least for a few minutes while your kids are bringing you burnt toast in bed ☺  

homec jewelers
dang for mommy mailbox

Homec Jewelers Pearl necklace

We were so ready for this updated take on a classic pearl necklace. Simple enough for every day, yet elegant enough for a special occasion. I’m putting on a dress and wearing mine to Mother’s Day brunch with my in-laws.

Dang Foods Coconut Chips

I really struggle with snacking and usually end up eating all my kids’ goldfish crackers, despite my best resolutions. These Dang Foods Coconut Chips are made from the meat of the coconut, then toasted to bring out the natural sweetness and flavor. They are high in fiber and give a nice energy boost so they’re healthy but I really feel like I’m eating a treat. I might save some to throw in some homemade trail mix for the kids too. Maybe.

One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser

One Love Organics has been bringing home tons of awards lately and we are proud to say we’ve been fans of them since the beginning. The reason is simple, their products just work! Since moving to Arizona, my dry skin has become positively parched and I’ve looked for something gentle but also moisturizing for a long time. I love that this cleanser doesn’t give me that tight feeling after I wash my face.

Hello Tosha Design Company Pocket Notebook

Megan and Kailee have been fans of Tosha’s inspiring work for a long time and we were all thrilled when she agreed to do a custom design for Mommy Mailbox this month. These ladies selected this quote to remind us that even on our difficult (or shower-less) days, true beauty by being content with your surroundings. Coco Chanel nails it every time. You can get a print of this quote in Tosha’s shop shortly!

Spruce and Freshen Bath Bombs

I gave myself the night off from cleaning and doing dishes last night and popped one of these in my tub. The scent was amazing and I love how soft they make your skin feel after a nice long soak. I’m ready for another one just thinking about it.

Salt and Pepper Tees Gift Card

As CA moms, Megan and Kailee love brands like Salt and Pepper that embody the carefree, laid back coastal vibe. Their tees are super soft and comfy but the fit makes them feel more modern than just your basics. I’m using my gift card to pick up a couple more tanks for the pool this summer.

Xo Jamie