April 2015 Box Reveal

We worked hard with curator Liz Denfeld this month to fill our April Mommy Mailbox with items that truly reflect Liz and her Portland, Oregon lifestyle. These items are all items that Liz uses and loves and we are so excited to share them with you!


Urban Oreganics Foot Soak

Emily from Urban Oreganics runs this beautiful shop out of Portland, Oregon. She created this custom foot soak for our April Mommy Mailbox and she can create it for you upon request also! I don’t know about you, but my feet are looking pretty sad after this long winter, and I’m really looking forward to soaking them in this chamomile soak!

Mint Polish

Once my feet are done soaking, I plan to paint my toes in this beautiful spring shade of a minty green! Mint Polish has so many beautiful shades of polish, and the best part is that the polish is made without all of the icky ingredients that most polishes have. After a fantastic soak and some cute polish, my feet are ready for sandal weather!

Woodblock Chocolate

This local Portland, Oregon shop specializes in making chocolate bars that include two ingredients: cacao and pure cane sugar. That’s right, this chocolate bar came straight from the bean, and owners Jessica and Charley Wheelock have traveled the world to find the very best cacao beans. Read about the process they use to create these delectable treats here. No wonder this chocolate bar has such a smooth yet strong flavor!

Graceline Print

Jenny from Graceline Art provided this beautiful print for our April box. The text “Love More Worry Less” is a personal motto of Liz Denfeld’s and Jenny helped bring this to life for us all to enjoy in our homes. I love having this reminder up in my house to help keep me more centered and focused on what is really important.

Illume Candle

Have you lit your Illume Candle yet? The scent, Amber Dunes, is absolutely amazing! After a long day with my boys, I love a good book and a nice smelling candle to help me relax. I think I’ve found my new favorite candle, now to find a good book…..

Blueberry Hair Ties

Throwing our hair in a pony tail just became a lot cuter! New mom, Anna Miller shared her Blueberry Hair Ties in our April box and we think they are fantastic! The prints on these hair ties add such cute detail, and makes a messy hair day so much better!