Moments with Moms: Megan Papworth

L.A. mom Megan Papworth always has business on the brain. Somewhere in the midst of having three babies, Megan started two businesses, built a successful blog and looked pretty stylish doing it. Now her family looks forward to a new adventure with a move to the San Diego area and the launch of her solo undertaking,, a pretty corner of the internet devoted to her photography and love of design, style and family.

Megan curated our May box along with Kailee Wright. Grab one here and get their goodies in time for Mother’s Day.

megan papworth
megan papworth
megan papworth

You are embarking on a new adventure with! Tell us about it.

I’ve been doing professional photography for the past seven years and since moving to Los Angeles three years ago, I have started two businesses. GRINN, my pillow + textile company, merged to form STAY + Co., a baby clothing line, at the beginning of 2014. Since then, I have learned so much from others about starting, running and maintaining a business. As my season of life changes (my husband is graduating from dental school and we are moving to settle down), I am 100 percent ready to be out on my own, fueling my passions for photography, fashion, interior design and obviously my family lifestyle, which is my favorite thing in the world! 

Your family has a move coming up very soon. What excites you about living in Southern California?

My husband and I are actually celebrating our 10-year anniversary this next month and he will still be in school, haha! I laugh and cry about it depending on the day. He graduates in May. But, we are thrilled to have found a job in the San Diego area and we are looking forward to the next chapter of our lives. We knew we couldn’t leave the beach; it’s our favorite family activity!

Photography, fashion, interior decorating, cool mom picks, it seems like you are good at everything! If you had to pick one area, what is your favorite interest? 

Oh no, I am not good at everything (cough, cough, cooking)! But, I do have a lot of interests, which give me so much to think about and so many ideas that I want to entertain. Oh man, if I had to pick one, it would probably be anything design-related. I stay awake at night dreaming up design details and I am always looking for the next original business idea. 

What’s your typical mom uniform?

I have two actually. Right now it’s either my distressed jeans and my favorite grey deep v-neck shirt with my converse or my track pants, new balances and a graphic tee. When it comes down to it, I am a t-shirt and jeans type of girl and really into comfort.

What makes you most excited about being a mother?

I have 3 kids (Grey is 7, Rowan is 4 and Neve is 8 months). I think watching my children make good decisions that result in strengthening their self-worth is so satisfying as a mom. I would also throw in there that teaching them things that are most important to me is so rewarding. One more thing, watching them participate in their recreational activities (skateboarding, baseball, dance, etc.) with pure joy in their souls is something that I cherish so much. I love being a mom for so many reasons!

What makes you the most nervous?

I tell my husband all the time that I wish I could keep my kiddos in a bubble and could protect them always. I am nervous for the times when my kids have to face a situation that makes them question themselves or makes them feel alone or hurt. It’s crazy how mama bear comes out so quickly and you realize that nothing in the world is harder than when someone else intentionally hurts your child. So basically, I am nervous everyday as I send them off to school.

What do you want your children to remember about their childhood?

I want my kids to remember the same things that I remember about my childhood: the family memories made together. I want to make sure that my kids have amazing memories of our beach trips, days on the lake, camping + eating s’mores. I want them to develop a sense of adventure and remember that we did it together.  

What are some of your favorite things about each of your children? 

Oh now you are going to make me cry! Grey has such a soft heart and cries when he sees a smushed snail. He is the cutest big brother and knows how to make anyone smile when they are sad. And his dance moves are seriously so good, I can’t believe it! Rowan’s determination is going to get her places someday, for real, it’s intense. She is so girly and I love that we can play beauty parlor, paint our nails and curl our hair together. She also loves a good burger and milkshake like her mama. Neve has brought so much joy to our family; it’s crazy how many kisses she gets a day. Her happy demeanor makes life so much better and so do her chunky, edible thighs! 

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