Today we chat with Emily Silverstein, owner of Urban Oreganics.  Her incredible foot soak was featured in our April Mommy Mailbox and we are so excited to share the story behind this brand.  Read below...

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How did you begin Urban Oreganics? Where did this idea come from?

I’ve been making my own household, bath & beauty products since 2012, but it wasn’t until December 2013 that I actually turned it into a business. I was about to return to work after maternity leave and realized I couldn’t possibly put my 12-week-old son in daycare 40+ hours a week (NO JUDGEMENT to the mamas that have to or choose to do this, I just knew it wasn’t for me). Non-toxic and cruelty-free products are something I’m very passionate about – so this venture was a no brainer!

It’s obvious that you are very careful about the ingredients that you include in your products.  

As a devoted vegan, to say I am health conscious would be an understatement. But eating healthy is just one small piece of the puzzle. When I read that it takes 26 seconds for the toxins in our products to absorb into the bloodstream, I vowed to make a change. There is definitely a health craze sweeping our nation, but so many people don’t realize that what they put ON their body is just as important as what they put IN it.

Tell us a little bit about how your products are formulated.

I did a lot of research initially to learn the specific properties of some common natural ingredients. Once I knew those properties and the end goal for each of my products, I just started experimenting. For example, organic pure virgin coconut oil (the key ingredient in many of my products) not only hydrates and moisturizes dry and irritated skin, but it also has natural anti-bacterial benefits. So I knew I had to have that in my mama/baby butter , which is a multi-purpose butter for sore nipples, stretching bellies and diaper rash.

Tell us about life in Oregon. What are some of your favorite things to do with your family?

Have you seen Portlandia? Because it’s pretty much EXACTLY like that. It’s my normal, so I don’t really know any better. Life in Oregon is unreal! (Almost) everyone is polite, happy and yes, a little bit “crunchy”. But that’s what makes it the perfect place for Urban Oreganics. My family (husband, 18-month-old son and two rescue dogs) and I love to be outside. My husband just bought us bikes so we try to ride as often as we can. We also are in the middle of a renovation on our fixer-upper that we bought four years ago just outside of Portland. Never a dull moment here!

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Mother’s Day is coming up. How has you view of your mother changed now that you are a mother as well?  

I have so much more respect for her than I ever did. I love seeing her as a grandma and the new relationship we have developed in our new roles.