Moments with Moms: Amy Tweety from Liv and Hope

We’ve been following Amy’s journey toward adoption on Liv and Hope for a while and her spunky daughter Olivia has captured our hearts. We were thrilled to include her gold heart tote bags in our March box and have been filling them with snacks, library books, Barbie’s, more snacks….you get the picture!

Today, Amy brings us a touching story about doing whatever it takes to form a family. And readers, this wonderful mama is about to adopt baby #2! To help Amy’s family reach their dream, visit them here.


Tell me about Liv and Hope.

It started a few years ago when I was making kids’ tents as a hobby. I sold them in a few boutiques and realized how much I loved using those skills of sewing, painting and designing, just being creative. At the time, we were trying to figure out how to fund a second adoption and I realized I could do women’s and children’s clothing. I sat down and asked our daughter, Olivia, what words she would love to see on a t-shirt. She LOVED the idea of something that included her name, and even today, she helps me add a child’s perspective to our designs.

What is your goal with the business?

Our ultimate goal with the shop is, once we fund our adoption, to help other families. I’ve received so many emails from women saying they are in the same boat as me and we’ve been so grateful for what other people have done for us. When you’re trying to fund an adoption that’s tens of thousands of dollars, every penny helps for these families.  

Tell me about how your daughter, Olivia, joined your family.

There is no question about it, Olivia is meant to be our daughter. We adopted her when she was six months old. We had a few adoptions that had fallen through so we were really discouraged. One Thursday night, we got a phone call from a friend of a friend who is a lawyer. He said he knew of a new mother who needed to find a family to adopt her baby and she had seen a picture of my husband and me. We looked at each other in shock and we just knew we had to meet that little girl. We didn’t tell anyone except our own mothers and went to meet Olivia. After having some alone time with her, it felt completely right and totally natural. It wasn’t long after that that we were bringing her home! We couldn’t believe it; we went from being a couple to parents literally overnight. We called our family on the way home with her and were screaming, “There’s a baby in our car!”

How was the adjustment process?

Olivia adjusted incredibly well. I look at pictures of her from the first time we met Olivia and then some from the next day after we had spent time with her. She looks like a totally different child. It was like she found her parents and she could see and feel that. Our two worlds blended and our family was complete.

Tell me about your decision to adopt:

I try not to focus on what my body can’t do. When you go through such prolonged infertility, you get to a point when you realize, maybe it isn’t my job to bear children, maybe it’s my job to take a child and be that child’s mother. If your ultimate goal is to become a family, you can get through the incredible difficulty of infertility.

It’s a blessing that the adoption system exists. If there weren’t mothers out there who are willing to carry these babies, women like me wouldn’t have the opportunity and blessing of being a mom. I realize the birth mothers out there have it a lot harder than I do.

What advice would you give to a couple bringing home an adopted baby?

Take your time. You didn’t go through the month-to-month pregnancy where you felt attached to the child so you will really have to take the time to bond and not question things. Get to know your child and your relationship with them will develop. And don’t emphasize the difference between them and natural children of other parents. They are your children now.

Tell us about your big news!

We are in the process of adopting again and the support we’ve received has been overwhelming. We really can’t believe how amazing people have been in so many ways.  Olivia is beyond excited and so ready to be a sibling.