by Ainsley Anderson

We have gotten fabulous reviews about the Shop Strands necklace in our March Mommy Mailbox.  It really is the perfect touch to any outfit.  We've dressed it up, dressed it down and the compliments just keep coming.  Today we chat with the woman behind Shop Strands.  Meg Ham and Ellery Pugmire are best friends, mothers, and inspiring business women. Read below...

#shopstrands #mommymailbox
#shopstrands #mommymailbox
#shopstrands #mommymailbox

Q: What inspired you to create Shop Strands?

A: As stay-at-home moms we are all about practical, comfortable, versatile fashion and we noticed how adding a simple piece or two of jewelry could really help us at least appear, if not feel pulled together, and pretty. We wanted to offer on-trend accessories that fit the bill on what's cool now, but meet that quota in an affordable price range.

We also thought that starting a business together would help give us an outlet without requiring us to be away from our kiddos more than we prefer. Talking on the phone every single day and exchanging hilarious business related texts has definitely been an upside. We get to learn and laugh together as we go!

Q: What are your current favorites listed in your shop?

A: Ellery's: Petite Druzy Cuff Antique Vertical Bar Pendant Tiny Tortoise Brick Studs Gray Hi-Lo Tee Strands Aztec Poncho

Megan's: Simple Gold Bracelet Pink Stone Pendant Turquoise Gold Fringe Necklace  Simple Turquoise Pendant

... All of these pieces have been on serious rotation the last few months for us. We love them, and live in them. Great, great pieces here.

Q: What advice would you give to moms wanting to start their own business?

A:  We've said time and time again, that it's really just a matter of doing it. That's the hard part, but it's also the part that makes all the difference. Anyone can dream, and anyone can come up with a great idea, but a stick-to-it attitude and work ethic is the difference when it comes to making that great idea become a reality.

If you want to have your own business- hang in there! There will be good, exciting times, and there will be times that are a down-right drag. Ride the rollercoaster, but stay on the ride! It's worth it. 

Also, although some people would say otherwise, but having a friend to do it with has been a major plus side for us. We think alike and are best friends, so we get along great, and just like any good relationship, we really depend on each other for strength. It seems that when one of us is burned out or discouraged the other one's got a second wind and some inspiration up their sleeve.

Q: What are you hoping to add to your wardrobe this spring? 

A: Ellery: I've been eyeing these great sandals for a month or two now. These scream spring to me! I can see them with light, easy dresses or shorts and a classic white button-up.

Also wanting to incorporate a couple cute graphic tees into my exercise wardrobe. Dreaming of wearing this with my Athleta leggings to my next yoga class.

Megan: Dying to get my hands on these babies. So glad to see them make a come back and happy they provide support also, which I desperately need going to Disneyland!! i recently bought these shirts, i'm obsessed with the fit and length. Also i don't mind getting spit up on them ;)