February 2015 Mommy Mailbox

Our curators, Alison and Andrea from The Alison Show and Tubby Todd chose some of their very favorite items to share with you. These items are reflective of the phase of life these two lovely ladies are in, and they are meant to add a little jazz to your life as well! 

February Mommy Mailbox #mommymailbox #subscriptionbox #tubbytodd #andreafaulkner #thealisonshow #alisonfaulkner #babylitbooks
February Mommy Mailbox #mommymailbox #subscriptionbox #tubbytodd #andreafaulkner #thealisonshow #alisonfaulkner #babylitbooks
February Mommy Mailbox #mommymailbox #subscriptionbox #tubbytodd #andreafaulkner #thealisonshow #alisonfaulkner #babylitbooks #wovenear #kisstixx
February Mommy Mailbox #mommymailbox #subscriptionbox #tubbytodd #andreafaulkner #thealisonshow #alisonfaulkner February Mommy Mailbox #mommymailbox #subscriptionbox #tubbytodd #andreafaulkner #thealisonshow #alisonfaulkner #babylitbooks
February Mommy Mailbox #mommymailbox #subscriptionbox #wovenpear #andreafaulkner #thealisonshow #alisonfaulkner
February Mommy Mailbox #mommymailbox #subscriptionbox #tubbytodd #andreafaulkner #thealisonshow #alisonfaulkner #babylitbooks
February Mommy Mailbox #mommymailbox #subscriptionbox #tubbytodd #andreafaulkner #thealisonshow #alisonfaulkner #babylitbooks

Bath Wash from Tubby Todd

Tubby Todd has changed bath time at our house! The Love Lake Lavender Wash that is included in our February box makes my boys’ skin so smooth and feel so nice and clean! Not only does it feel clean, it has helped with the excema battle that we fight on a daily basis. I feel good using this bath wash on my boys because I know that it is pediatrician tested, has no artificial fragrences, paraban free, and is hypoallergenic, which basically means it is perfect for my little ones! 

Biscuit mix from Rise Biscuit Co

Have you used your Rise Biscuit Mix yet? I hope you have! This mix makes the most amazing biscuits! Rise Biscuits are fluffy and delicious, and pair perfectly with a cup of tea for breakfast. My family enjoyed these biscuits with butter and honey, and we were fighting over the last one! I’m using my coupon code to buy more! 

Also, when we met Kay Allison, the owner of Rise Biscuit Co, she was serving these biscuits cut in half with strawberries and crème! The most delicious strawberry shortcake I have ever had! There are so many ways to enjoy these biscuits—please post your pictures and tag #risebiscuitco and show us how you are enjoying your treats!

Kisstixx Chapstick

Oh Kisstixx! This fun pair of chapsticks is perfect for our February box, and for Valentine’s Day! And did you catch Kisstixx on Sharktank? The flavors pair together nicely and are a fun little treat for you and your significant other! My husband and I enjoyed these Kisstixx, but that is for another post…

Woven Pear Socks

Don’t you just LOVE these socks??!! They are my favorite! They come in such cute colors and patterns, now I feel like my feet are just as stylish as the rest of my outfit! Each time I wear these cozy socks I get compliments! 

Confetti and Paper Straws from Celebrate by Kate

Having a party? Or any sort of special occasion? I think I may throw a Valentine’s party and use all of these fun party items from Celebrate by Kate! The confetti is a perfect table scatter, and the straws add decadence to any drink. Items like these add the perfect finishing touch to any special occasion

Romeo and Juliette board book by Baby Lit Books

Have you seen these before! What a fantastic idea to introduce the classics to our young children! As someone who majored in English in college, I have often wondered how to share my love of these timeless stories with my small children, and this feels like the perfect way! Romeo and Juliette is one that even my boys like, and there are so many more Baby Lit books available! I can’t wait to add to my collection of Baby Lit books and share my love of the classics with my kids!