Today we caught up with Angela Scheffer, the designer behind Saffron Avenue. Her clean and elegant style has long resonated with our March curator, Cori Robinson, and we were smitten – the Friday Night Lights-inspired mug didn’t hurt either ;) Angela was kind enough to create a custom design for the mug in our March box, which was inspired by this post on Cori’s blog. Feeling beautiful can be a challenge for any mother at times – hopefully this mug will help you start your day off right!

Speaking of beautiful, feast your eyes on Angela’s dreamy home office while you enjoy this lovely read.

#saffronavenue #mommymailbox
#saffronavenue #mommymailbox
#saffronavenue #mommymailbox
#saffronavenue #mommymailbox #office
#saffronavenue #mommymailbox
#saffronavenue #mommymailbox #office

Tell us briefly about your professional background and how you got to where you are today.

I'm Angela, the brand stylist, web designer, calligrapher, and owner behind Saffron Avenue. I also just recently launched my own online shop that features everyday items with my own custom calligraphy. I actually always dreamt to be a wedding planner, but after spending countless hours teaching myself the design programs (to create invites) and then trying to teach myself how to code, I started to just love graphic design. A few years later I took the leap...packed up my car and moved to North Carolina to start my little design career. Beyond the shop and crafting unique brands for small businesses I am a sucker for beautiful lettering. From calligraphy, watercolor, illustrations, etc., I try to conquer it all! 

  You have such an elegant style. What inspires your work?

Clean Space. It's what drives my art and my inspiration. I love clean, modern, and unique designs...with a dose of pretty of course. My little office is a source of inspiration, which is full of white (desk, chair, lamp, candles, vases, etc.) and creates that overall fresh and clean space I strive for every day. You can say I'm a little obsessed with white.

How do you hope your art impacts people?

I always want it to be relatable and somewhat welcoming, whether a visitor is reading my art on mugs and prints or visiting one of clients’ websites. My ultimate goal is to provide an emotion and create something that is a breath of fresh air. 

 What are some of your favorite décor items in your home?

Ha, well my fiancé and I are now just starting to invest in our we don't have too much! But a few of my favorites are our dining set, my two Eames chairs, our bar cart, and my desk. The dining set is a wood top tulip table with mid-century modern chairs (that our friends gave us), my two pink Eames chairs (that my mom gave me from a garage sale), my Target Threshold gold bar cart (luckily got on sale for $30), and my desk which I just love because it's big, pretty, white and where I spend all my time!

 What is a favorite memory you have with your mother? 

My sister and I would visit her growing up (we lived across the state). Every time we stayed with her we would have dance parties, play dress up, eat takeout, and make crafts. We absolutely loved playing with her paint, paintbrushes and endless amounts of art supplies. I definitely know where I got my love of art!

Thanks Angela, we can’t wait to see what you create next!

XO, Jamie