We discovered Rise Biscuit Co. at the Phoenix Flea where her biscuits completely sold out….twice. One bite and we were back in line for seconds. Owner Kay Allison was raised on a dairy farm and though she lives today near downtown Phoenix, her taste buds never got too far away from homegrown goodness. She tucked a bag of buttermilk biscuit mix into our February boxes and they were the perfect way to round out Valentine’s Day breakfast with the kiddos.

Read more about this awesome mom and her mouth watering creations below.

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We love moms with great ideas who go for it. Tell us about your business and how you started it. Why biscuits? 

Rise Biscuit Co. began out of a need for me to have a creative outlet outside motherhood. I originally intended to start a biscuit food truck but it developed into a pop up biscuit shop at markets and other community events in the Phoenix area. I wanted to do something different, something I was passionate about while incorporating my country upbringing. I grew up on my mamma’s biscuits on a dairy farm. So the answer was clear: biscuits for the win!

If you weren’t baking biscuits, what would you be doing?

Besides eating them, crafting for a holiday or party, or lets be honest, organizing one of my kids’ very cluttered closet (three kids = always something to organize). I’m a clean freak!

Give us a tip on balancing your business and a family.

Probably the biggest for me is prioritizing and planning. Family always comes first and having a husband who fully supports my creative venture with Rise makes it so enjoyable. He and his creative team at Monomyth Studio designed my entire brand. Practically speaking though, one tip is to get a calendar and map out monthly to-dos for the business. Lots of scheduling but it creates even more flexibility for the family.  

Why did you decide to become a mom?

It’s always been a desire for me to have a family. I earned a BSW but really just wanted to have some kiddos and pour all my love into them and my hubby. Pretty sweet when your dreams become a reality! Motherhood rocked my world though. It’s so hard at times but the rewards are far greater.

What is one of your favorite things to do with your children?

Probably take walks around the ‘hood hand in hand. No distractions and the best conversations, which always lead to the neighborhood donut shop, Rollover Doughnuts. In fact, I think we should head out now for one, goodbye!

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