Moments with Moms: Kirsten Krason and Erin Morgan

When the three of us started thinking about the November box, we knew it was a month when we needed some exciting picks for the home. It only took one scroll through our favorite pins to remember whose style we’ve been coveting these days. Kirsten Krason and Erin Morgan, the design team behind House of Jade Interiors, have packed the November box full of items as useful and lovely as the interiors they design. Read more below to get a bit of House of Jade’s style (and some design advice!) and subscribe here to get their fabulous favorites this month.

Kirsten Krason and Erin Morgan
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How would you describe House of Jade’s design esthetic?

We both appreciate mixing beautiful patterns and color infused with lots of white and clean lines. 

Tell us a bit about each of you and how House of Jade came to be. 

Kirsten has always had a love for beautiful things. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in Interior Design and started Kirsten Krason Interiors that same year. When she had her second baby her client load became a little harder to handle so she asked her best friend Erin to join in on a few projects. 

Erin graduated with a bachelors degree from the University of Utah and then she joined Kirsten's business as her home decor seamstress. She often assisted in picking color schemes and mixing patterns as well as running her own successful sewing business. She worked with clients from all over the world. When it came time to become Kirsten's business partner she was more than ready. 

We had so much fun working together we decided to officially start House of Jade interiors.  We truly believe two heads are better than one and feel like our designs are so much better because of the input we both contribute to each project. 

Was there a moment for each of you when you realized design was what you wanted to do? Tell us about why you each decided on this field for a career. 

Erin - After doing interior sewing for a couple years I grew to love textiles and design so much, but it just left me wanting more! Starting to work with Kirsten helped me to fulfill my passions and gave me such a satisfaction of a creative outlet I knew that I would love it as a career.

Kirsten -  I started reading design blogs about 8 years ago and I was obsessed! I would go from blog to blog learning about new products and design trends. I decided to get my degree in design which led me to starting my own business. I know design is perfect for me because after 8 years I haven't lost my passion for it. I'm just as excited about my job as I ever was! 

Any tips for making work + motherhood a reality? What’s worked well for you and what have you needed to let go of?

Erin - Work + motherhood is never easy. It’s an ongoing work in progress for me to make the two run smoothly. I have an amazing sitter, which makes leaving my kids when necessary easier, but I try to keep work and home separate as much a possible to give my kids the attention they need but still feel successful and satisfied at my job. I have had to let go of perfection! Sometimes everything doesn't align and I need to be ok with that.

Kirsten - I know myself really well and I know that working makes me happier. The key is trying to make sure I'm not working more than I should be. I can tell when I've hit my limit and my family is suffering. We work two days a week, which makes it easier to separate work life from home life. 

What does a peaceful place look like for each of you? Colors, types of furniture, style, etc. 

Erin -- A peaceful place for me is a well designed, finished space, where I can sit and enjoy the view! I’m drawn to mostly neutrals with lots of texture and subtle color. 

Kirsten – A peaceful place for me would be one that feels clutter free. I feel happiest in a place that has clean lines and light colored furniture with pops of saturated color and contrast.  The accessories are minimal and purposeful.  

I love seeing snippets of each of your homes on Instagram. What is a favorite piece in your homes and why? 

Erin- My family spends most of our time in our kitchen and living room, so I have tried to make it a space where we love to be. My favorite piece in this space would be our barstool bench. It’s a functional unique piece that we use every day, and a great way to bring in the pattern and comfort to the kitchen.

Kirsten - For my husband a comfortable sofa was really important so I spent a long time searching for a piece that was comfortable, durable and beautiful! I love light linen sofas so I got one that has a slipcover so it makes cleaning easy! 

House of Jade has been growing so quickly. Tell us about some of your “big breaks” and your milestones along the way.

We have worked really hard to grow our Instagram following which has helped bring more exposure to our business. Over the summer we did a local Parade of Homes which was another great way to showcase our work. I think the best thing you can do as a new business just starting out to is to just do great work! It will naturally get shared.

We are loving your pillow line! Tell us about the inspiration behind your shop. 

For our shop we try and find pieces that we are using over and over in our clients’ homes. There are staple items that work in almost space. The new pillows we are introducing to the shop are colorful but a little more subtle. They have a timeless feel to them. 

Okay, we can’t let you off the hook without some design advice. One of the hardest thing to pick for a room is the rug. How do you pick a fabric and size? 

Our general rule in the living room is that the rug needs to go at least partially under your furniture or all the way under your furniture.  Rugs that are too small will make your space feel unfinished.  Unless you have a really small room, you’ll need at least an 8 x 10 rug. The main thing to remember when choosing an area rug for your dining room is that the rug needs to cover the space when your chairs are pulled out at least partially from your table.  If you have kids, we love sourcing indoor/outdoor options because they are so easy to clean. When choosing a rug for the bedroom, I like to think of something that feels soft underfoot. You also need to make sure your rug is big enough to be all the way underneath your bed.

What can we look forward to from House of Jade? 

We are working on a bunch of remodels and new build projects right now so we'll have some great before and afters to share soon. We are also coming out with a few new pillows that we are really excited about!