Sarah Tucker

Sarah Tucker makes life in the South look downright gorgeous all day long. One look at her bright-eyed boys and peaceful, uplifting feed and we knew she was a keeper from the day we stumbled across her on Instagram. As her second boy reaches his six month mark, Sarah dives into our Born for This new mom care package and shares some of her other longtime favorites for littles.

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You recently had your second boy! Tell us what tricks you’ve learned for making the transition to two kids. It’s always an adjustment! 

I am a lot easier on myself than I was when Tuck was little.  I still go a little crazy if the laundry pile is too big or there are dirty dishes in the sink, but I am much better at letting it go so I can enjoy the present.  It can all wait (:  

It’s always amazing to see your older baby turn into a big brother. Tell us about how that’s been for Tuck.

I worried so much about Tuck feeling left out before Wesley was born! But from the moment Tuck met Wesley, he has really loved the role of big brother. Now that Wesley is a bit older it's fun to see how entertained Wesley is with Tuck.  Watching their (lifelong) friendship develop has given my husband and me so much joy.  

What do you look for when selecting products to use for/with your boys? 

I love dressing little boys!  For babies I am a big fan of smocked jon jons from the beaufort bonnet company, pima cotton pajamas from bella bliss, and the super soft kickee pants in plain colors.  For toddlers there's nothing better than a simple honey bee tee's and some shorts.  With as much time as Tuck spends outside and in the dirt, I quickly learned to save fancy clothes for church or special occasions.  I'm always searching for non-toxic, organic, and safe products for the boys.  My favorite bath products to use with them is Wash With Water and The Honest Company.  

I love seeing snippets of your home on your blog and Instagram feed. What is your philosophy when it comes to selecting items for your home and what are some favorite items.

Thank you! I'm always telling first time visitors with kids that "nothing is precious in our house!" in hopes that they feel at ease. I won't bat an eyelash over a spill or if something gets broken. I've tried to be intentional about selecting things that can stand up with two little boys around.  

Favorite items:  

I love our big leather couches.  I never thought I would ever say that!  I always dreamed of white slipcover couches.  But, boys x2 plus a little Boston terrier running around! They are so practical, comfy and perfect for our lifestyle. I love getting in snuggle time with my boys on them.  

We upgraded from a queen to a king a month before Wesley was born. The bed is oak and linen with nice curves and is my favorite piece in our house. I feel like a princess in it.  

People always ask me where I got my marble side tables. They were actually a hand me down from my in-laws that they bought at an estate sale probably thirty years ago. The marble is exquisite and the lines are very clean and modern.  

Our guest bed is from the early 1900's and has been in my family forever.  It is white wrought iron in Victorian style.  It's beat up and I love it. It was in my room as a child, teen, college, then grad school and finally in our home.  

What do you want most for your kids? 

I remember when Tuck was first born and my natural inclination to say "Lord please make Tuck big, strong, smart, and tall." It rolled off my tongue so quickly during those early days. All that is fine, but that is not what I want most for them! Every night I pray for both of them to grow into Men who are brave and kind. That they learn to always trust The Lord and His plans for them.