Moments with Moms: Jess Oakes

Entrepreneur, creator, seamstress and an optimist, Jess Oakes from Positively Oakes sparkles with the glow of the first-time mom who knows that everything good is worth waiting for. Read about Jess as she shares her favorites from our Limited Collection Born For This box and introduces us to little Blake.

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Tell us about the moment you first found out you were pregnant. 

It was seriously the best day of my life. It took my husband and me two long years to get our little Blake, so it was a long time coming. We had tried several fertility treatments up until this day and we're taking a month off before we did IVF, so I definitely didn't expect to be pregnant. However I was supposed to take a test before our next appointment so I did. I woke up to take the test, like I had every other month for the last two years, but this time when I went back to check there was the faintest and I mean THE FAINTEST second line. I instantly started freaking out a little, but trying not to get my hopes up because the line wasn't super solid. I called my fertility doctor and he got me in immediately for blood work. POSITIVE! It was positive! I was excited, terrified and literally crying tears of joy. I grabbed the t-shirt I had bought for my husband several months back that said, 'I've got mad Dad skills' and planned how I was going to tell him. When I gave him the shirt he instantly burst into tears. Since that day she has brought more than an immense amount of happiness to our lives.

How has being a mom changed your style?

How hasn't it really? Pretty much in every single way, but all for the better. My days are longer and it takes twice as long to get work done but with that I get cuddles and giggles all day long! I get to wake up to huge smiles from the most perfect baby girl and everything I do is for her. 

Congrats on your Mom Boss e-book! Tell us a bit about it. How do we purchase one? 

Thank you! Our Mom Boss E-book is an interactive business course for the beginner entrepreneur and the entrepreneur looking for the next step! It's 40+ pages of chit chat from me, including what I've learned, done wrong and how you can do it right, plus with all sorts of charts and spaces to write things down to really get you thinking. You can grab a copy right, here:

What do you look for when selecting products to use for/with Blake?

We always make sure that whomever we're working with and whatever products we're using are ones that our readers will truly love. Things that I would recommend and that I know will be interesting to them and keep them coming back. We never feature just to feature, we like to make sure we are truly targeting our audience.

Managing a business and having a new baby is tricky. Any tips?

Yes it is! My one and biggest tip is, work when you can. This is what I've learned. I've faced the reality that other than meetings and shoots that have to happen during the day, all other work generally happens once she's in bed and Daddy is home to help. That means late nights, but that's okay because snuggling with my girl is the most important thing. Enjoy the now:)

One of the greatest things about having a baby is watching your husband turn into a father. How has that transition been for him?

It's truly the most amazing thing to watch. I think it's been a pretty good transition, definitely a struggle at first for both of us, but overall good. I have loved watching him though. I love him more than I ever thought possible since he's become a Dad. He sings to her at night and instantly calms her down, takes diaper duty when needed and steps up when this mama is a hot mess. Plus watching him just look at her instantly melts my heart!

What do you want to remember about this phase in your life?

I want to remember the cuddles, snuggles and giggles. Accomplishing the hard parts and getting through them. I want to remember the beginning parts of motherhood and how amazing they are and how they have shaped me into a better person.