Chrissy Powers

A woman of many talents, Chrissy Powers is not only a mother of two but also a family therapist, a photographer and a blogger. Basically the perfect combo of talents for a modern mom, am I right? Seriously though, we love how she combines her passions to create a sunny corner of the internet at Today she shows us how she uses our Limited Collection Born for This box and shares a bit about parenting, San Diego and why she is never the first one to pull away from a hug.

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chrissy powers

Tell us a little about you and each of your interests.

I'm a marriage and family therapist with an interest in children, parenting and women's issues. In college I majored in art but then realized I wanted to work with people and through my own struggles, I learned that being a counselor was the role I wanted to take. I rediscovered my love for photography when I became a mother because I wanted to take the best pictures of my kids that I could. I found that blogging gave me a way to share my photos and document my ever-changing life and journey through motherhood while sharing the things I learned through my work with others...but really my children have taught me the most out of anyone. 

In three words, how would you describer your parenting style?

Loving, affirming, mindful

We all know the newborn stage can be so tiring and a bit chaotic. What have you found makes it easier this time around?

Oh good question. This time around with my second child I'm a lot more positive because I've done it before and I know now that this phases goes by so fast. To be honest, when I gave birth to my first child I felt like my life was over and I was very anxious. Now when I get negative or down I remind myself to stay in the present moment and that I will miss this stage when it's gone. Every stage has something precious about it that is unique and that helps grow you as a person and mother. I'm trying not to have high expectations of myself during this newborn stage; some days we don't leave the house and the laundry doesn't get put away and I have to be okay with it. At night, using a co-sleeper has been my best friend for nursing and going back to sleep faster.

I loved your post about attachment parenting. Recap what that theory is for us and tell us what you've found makes your children feel safe, secure and loved. 

Attachment theory was studied and developed in the 1960’s by John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. They define attachment as lasting psychological connectedness between human beings… a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space. Attachment is characterized by specific behaviors in children, such as seeking proximity with the attachment figure when upset or threatened. In essence the caregiver provides safety, security, love and warmth that sustains the life of an infant and also sets them up for healthy emotional attachment with other humans for the rest of his or her life.

In my own family, I have found baby-wearing, feeding on demand, and holding my infant son has helped us bond and provided a secure environment of love. With my 3 year-old son, if he's upset I sit with him or hold him as long as he needs.  When he hugs me I'm not the first to pull away, I try to get on his level and look into his eyes as much as possible and when he tantrums I "try" to remain as calm as possible. I believe all those things have helped create a healthy attachment for my children.

What do you look for when selecting products to use for/with your children?

I look for products that are easy to use, healthy or organic, stylish and fun and won't break the bank. 

I love your beach shots! Tell us some of your favorite things to do around San Diego with your family. 

Thank you! We are a beach family for sure and spend a lot of time there; I can't wait until our boys can paddle out with their dad and surf until the sun sets. We also love to go on walks, hikes, the zoo, Legoland, and explore new areas. Some of our favorite areas for families are in South Oceanside, Encinitas, and North Park. 

What do you want most for your children?

Oh I love this question! I want my children to know truth, hope, and joy. I want them to be secure in themselves and to love others.