You guys, we wait all month for this. Here’s a look at all the gifts from our January box!

Mommy Mailbox January box reveal
A peek at the January Mommy Mailbox
Skinagain for January Mommy Mailbox
ONE LOVE ORGANICS featured in January Mommy Mailbox
January Mommy Mailbox
Mommy Mailbox January 2015

Ampersand bracelet by The Trunk Show Co.

Our curator, Laura Boswell, selected this lovely piece to celebrate her new baby, Leighton – an addition to her family. I love how this brings me back to that moment that my husband and I went from “just the two of us” to feeling like a real family. (Bonus: we also found out the lovely ladies behind The Trunk Co. now live in Sarah and Jamie’s hometown of University Place, WA. Small world, great taste!)

One Love Organics Dry Shampoo Powder  

I’m convinced that dry shampoo is one of the great breakthroughs of our time. I mean, there is a reason moms’ hair looked like it did in the 80s. This stuff makes you feel put together even on your most frazzled, no-shower-in-sight type of days. The beautiful packaging speaks for itself but it’s the smell and all the natural ingredients that really sold me on this brand.

SkinAgain Rescue Cream

This is one of those things you slip in your purse and use all the time. I actually keep this in my car and can’t tell you how many times other moms have asked me to whip it out for them or their kids. Based out of Carlsbad, CA, SkinAgain is a company that knows skincare. Sunburns, rashes, bites – this lotion quickly calms the problem area and brings down inflammation. I’m dying to try their wrinkle cream next.

Lehi Valley Trading Co. Islander Trail Mix

It’s so easy to hit a vending machine when you’re on the go but I for one do not want to ruin my New Year’s resolutions by snacking on Ho Hos. This Islander mix of mango, papaya and pineapple banishes our winter blues and of course, I’m a sucker for anything coconut. Plus, only 110 calories!

Rifle Paper Company notepads

It’s no secret that we are big fans of this brand. Anna Rifle’s beautiful esthetic gets us every time – and there’s no time like the present to tackle my to-do list that was building all December.

You are my whole world print from The Rusted Arrow

Ashlee from The Rusted Arrow created the original world map outline print that you’ve seen in so many cool nurseries around the world wide web. We love this colorful take on the sentiment we feel every time we look at our little ones. Laura picked this phrase to celebrate the idea of how the world both shrinks and expands when you hold your children in your arms.