Sister, Sister

Friends, this month we have a little treat for you all to enjoy with sugar on top. May we present our February curators: the Faulkner sisters! There’s so much love between these two, we just knew they’d be a perfect match for February boxes.

Sister love for Mommy Mailbox
Mommy Mailbox Curators
Alison Show and Tubby Todd for Mommy Mailbox

Andrea Faulkner Williams is the bathsterminder behind all-natural bath products, Tubby Todd, a published author and a mother of two from San Diego.

You might recognize Alison Faulkner Robertson from The Alison Show or at the very least, #alisonsdanceoffAlisons Cookie Party and her How to Be Awesome series.

Well, we already knew Andrea and Alison had awesome written all over them, even before Alison convinced us with her videos, but if you need a few more gems from these ladies, don’t miss Sister Minute.

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Photos: Emily Taplin