We are thrilled to introduce our curators for the month: Abbey Rodriguez from Along Abbey Road and Haley Kjar from Life is Sweet. These mothers rounded up some of their favorite products for our December box, which you can pick up here.

We spent a few quiet moments with these ladies hearing their thoughts on motherhood.  

In Abbey’s Words…..


Sum up your parenting style:

Relaxed yet involved. I want my kids to learn to cope with the ups and downs of life on their own yet I want them to know I’m right behind them supporting them as well.

There are so many mommy blogs out there. What do you hope yours conveys?

I hope Along Abbey Road portrays a realistic, yet humorous approach to motherhood. Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously as mothers and funny, crappy things happen to moms and that’s ok. I hope people see my blog as a place where they can relate.

Most often it take us into adulthood to truly see our mothers as people rather than caregivers. What do you want your children to know about you as a person?

I want them to understand that I have weaknesses and I’m not perfect. Growing up, I had such high expectations for my mom. I want to teach my kids forgiveness and to love people for who they are, and for who I am as both a mother and a person. Hopefully that will teach them to be whoever they feel they are and not be afraid to do that.

Why do you think it’s easier and harder to be a mother today?

We have minivans! We have strollers like Cadillacs! But there are a lot of people frowning on motherhood, especially if you have more than two children. Socially, it’s no longer the norm to be a “family person.” There is a lot of crazy parenting going on out there and no parenting at all so it’s tricky to try to navigate parenthood and do your best to ensure your kids turn out as good people.

The world can have such a negative take on parenting today. Why did you choose to be a mother and at a young age?

As the youngest of a large family, my parents were older when I came along. Young parents have an opportunity to experience so many things firsthand and get down and play with their kids, which is so important. Since I was a teeny tiny girl, I knew I wanted to be a mom. I’ve witnessed how much joy it has brought other women in my life and I knew I wanted that for myself.

In Haley’s Words….


Tell me what has surprised you most about becoming a mom?

The consistency of my children needing me. You hear about it being a 24-hour job but don’t realize how literal that is sometimes. It’s night and day, constant and it’s a need. But it surprised me how much that made me feel proud, that I’m such a big part of what helps them live and be happy.

Tell us what has brought you joy recently.  

There are times I see or hear my kids imitate me and I'm not exactly proud, but when they love each other or their friends or family it makes me happy to think part of that is because they've felt and seen their Dad and I love them.  Recently since bringing home our third babe, I've watched my two oldest kids absolutely adore and protect their baby brother, and it brings me a joy like no other.

What has been a challenge for you as a young mother?

I’ve become much more of a homebody since becoming a mother. We all know that a little outing can turn into a lot of stress for kids at times. Sometimes I feel isolated. Adam will come home and I’ll talk his ear off and he’ll joke and say, “Wow, I can tell you didn’t leave the house or talk to any adults today.” I surmount those feelings by trying to branch out, meet new people and see people in person when I can. I also enjoy using blogging and Instagramming to connect with other people, even just a little, on the days I can’t get out. It’s been so wonderful to “meet” friends through blogging and then actually meet them in person.

What do you want to remember most about this phase of life?

I’m trying to remember to enjoy not having the busy schedule that I know will come with older children. I like to be able to be spontaneous or be able to have slow days. And I try to remember, when I’m cooking or doing dishes and feel the tugs at my shirt hem, those will disappear soon and I know I’ll miss them.

How has being a mom changed your relationship with your husband?

Having kids is such a binding part of any relationship that makes it stronger but also makes you fight for your marriage more. It causes as much joy as it does frustration. The high of seeing your other half love and serve your children is magical. But it’s been interesting because on many parenting topics, we have absolutely opposite opinions. It’s about finding a style together that works for our family.

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