Casual tops

As a mom to 3 kids, I’m all about casual weekday outfits. I like to look cute and stylish, while also being pretty comfortable. I spend a huge chunk of my day inside nursing and taking care of a baby, but also like to look put together when I run to the grocery store. Taking time to seek out perfect “tops” has really helped me be more intentional about my comfy/cute wardrobe.

A few of my favorites:


Vacation Planning

One of the things I like to do every January is plan our vacations for the entire year. I don’t necessarily arrange all the travel accommodations in January, but establish more of a “plan.” I like knowing what is coming to I can start saving (money and time off work).

Here’s my process:

  1. I divide the year into seasons. Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall. And start with what is already on the calendar.

    1. Winter - nothing

    2. Spring - Couples trip to the caribbean

    3. Summer - Family Reunion to Idaho

    4. Fall - nothing

  2. Then I think about family + friends. Who do we want to visit this year? How will we get there?

    1. My brother in Alabama (fly)

    2. My in-laws in California (fly or drive)

  3. Now I dream. What sounds fun?

    1. Maui with the kids

    2. Couple weekend to NYC

  4. Arrange everything on the calendar

    1. Winter - nothing

    2. Spring - Spring break in CA, Couples trip to the caribbean

    3. Summer - Family Reunion to Idaho, Maui with the kids,

    4. Fall - Alabama over fall break, NYC

  5. Start searching for cheap flights, I start with google flights and usually check every single morning for several weeks. Flights are normally marked down mid week. I prioritize trips based on if I found a great deal to that place :)


A few notes:

-No traveling this winter = time to work and save money for the rest of the year.
-Lot’s of family trips while the kids are out of school (summer and breaks).
-Couples trips work best while school is in session, that way Grandma gets a break while the kids are at school.
-Whatever trip does’t happen this year, roll over to the next and put it on the top of your list.

Dreamy cotton pajama set in stripe

I love pajamas. There, I said it. I mom all day and can’t wait to crawl into my pajamas as soon the kids are tucked into bed. But not all PJ’s are created equal, and I got a new pair for Christmas that take the cake. (I literally donated all my other PJ’s last week because none compare to these). They stretch, their super soft, very flattering and wash up beautifully.


Dreamy cotton pajama set in stripe

Best part, they offer petite sizes, for us short girls. And XL sizes too. So no matter your size, you can enjoy the best pajamas on the planet. Shop here.

To-Do List

I live in Utah. Which means January is the worst month of the year. It’s fine. I’m used to it. I’m normally dreaming of warmer weather…. making myself miserable...

But how cute is this January to-do list? Little goals/practices to get you through the month. Super excited to try it out and focus on something other than the beach vacay I’m not taking ;)


Download this list for yourself here.

Whole 30

New Year = new goals. Is healthy eating one of yours? I just came across this article on The Everygirl, Why This Health Coach Recommends Whole30 to All Her Clients.

I am a huge Whole30 fan. I’ve done the Whole 30 challenge a few times, I actually just did one between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Perfect way to not gain extra holiday weight. It is easier than you think!

A lot of people do Whole 30 for weight loss, BUT the best part is how good it makes you feel. Whole 30 will give you loads of energy and get rid of your sugar cravings.


Check out the article and read more about Whole 30 here.

Gorgeous Christmas Cookies

I’m obsessed with pretty Christmas Cookies. Not that I have the patience to actually make them, but I dream….

…er…not sure what about? Possibly receiving them as a gift, and then the cookies looking beautiful in my kitchen and then me eating them.

How gorgeous are theses?


Fleece Pullover

Winter is here! I currently have a few inches of freshly fallen snow on my lawn and I am one of the people that love winter. My tried and true, go-to, mom-iform this time of year is a fleece pullover. It hits the balance of warmth, cozy and winter-chic.

A few of my favorites:


Shop all these and more at

Can I just tell you how much I love They have everything + great prices (plus I can always find some sort of discount code). And I’m slightly biased because I live in Utah (and I think they are based out of Utah) SO I can order something and it arrives the very next morning! And this is not sponsored. I truly love and buy so much there this time of year.