Swim Suit Season is here!

by Ainsley Anderson

A few tips before you buy your next suit:

1.  Don't be afraid to splurge on your suit. A good quality suit will flatter your body.  Plus I'd rather people be looking at my cute suit than my stretch marks.

2.  Find the right fit for your chest.  Different cups can help make your body feel more proportioned.  For example a BANDEAU top can make your chest feel bigger (great if you're small chested).  If you don't know your preferred 'chest' order 3-5 different suits with different cups styles, try them on and return what doesn't flatter your body.  Once you know what fits best, you can safely order that similar style year after year.

3.  Order suits online.  Personally I'd much rather try on swim suits in my bedroom than in a tiny dressing room and I like having a second opinion (which can be weird in the dressing room). 

4.  Nervous about getting the right size?  Measure your body!  Simple advice a girl friend shared with me years ago and I've continued to share with all my friends.  I swear it never fails!  Most sites have a sizing chart - measure your body, find your size and it should fit like a glove.

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