Back To School Favorites: Girls

Isn't it funny how summer feels like it abruptly ends? One minute you're eating popsicles at the pool and the next stressing about buying a backpack before they are all sold out. But no matter how fun your summer has been, its always nice to get back to the routine school brings.

Today I'm sharing a few of my back to school favorites for girls. My daughter is 8 and I asked her this week, "Do you still like pink and unicorns?" She answered, "YES!" 


Summer Bucket List

Happy August! Our summer travels + house guests have officially come to an end and we are left to enjoy the last couple weeks before school starts. I didn't even entertain the idea of a giant summer bucket list this year, I find them to be slightly stressful. Haha.


photo source

But to keep everyone entertained, I've been reading through the million of "bucket list ideas" and when we have a slow week I plan a couple things to do. A few of my favorites:

1. Water balloons in the backyard
2. Have a friend come over all day. Play, Lunch, Pool.
3. Stop at a drive through and get cold soda for the kids.
4. Make slime (I cheated and bought this and it was not messy at all)
5. Go to the Arcade
6. Campfire with friends
7. Build marshmallow houses
8. Visit a new swimming pool
9. Wildflower adventure (If you're in Utah, check out Alboin Basin)
10. Family Hike

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday ! Happy July! Happy Summer! Happy Everything! I am just feeling it today and so excited to share a few of my favorite things:


photo source

1.  How cool is this Blow Up Waterslide? And they say money can't buy happiness. My kids would disagree!

2. I am all about being comfortable this summer and these flips flops are simple + perfect + wonderful.

3. I've been on the CC Cream train the past year or so + finally admitted to myself I wasn't happy. My make-up wasn't lasting through the day and my skin always looked too shiny. SO I went back to good-old-foundation and I'm so glad I did. GUYS! It forgot how amazing this stuff is

4. This game is so fun, we've been playing it all summer.

5. I've had this dresser in my shopping cart for a month now. I get so nervous to order furniture when I haven't seen it in person. But I just can't stop thinking about it.

6. This ring is everything! Takes me from frumpy to fancy in seconds.

7. How dreamy is the photo above? The print from here + the light from here. And the house from mommy blogger Jessica Garvin.

Packing, Traveling + Summer Vacations

We have been traveling a lot this summer! I love traveling, but I have to admit it is a lot of work. Organization is key. The more I travel with my family the more 'systems' I create to make the whole process run smoothly. Here are a few of my travel-mommy-hacks:


1. Start thinking about packing a month in advance. Do you have enough luggage? Do the kids need new shoes? What will you and your kids wear? Are there holes in anyone's wardrobes?

2. Make a packing list also a month in advance. That way you know what you're missing and what you need to buy.

3. Do most of your travel shopping online. It takes a minute to fill up an online shopping cart vs. running from store to store. Plus, online prices seem to always be better. A few things I got for our trip: a few of these carry-ons, a new pair of leggings for me (I live in these when I travel), obsessed with these simple dresses when it's hot out, both my sons needed several pairs of shorts + some summer clothes for my daughter: a dress, a shirt, and a jacket.

4. Make a travel art bag. These are magic, they come in handy for planes, car, downtime in the hotel + restaurants. Start with a cosmetic travel bag- something like this, this or this. Fill it with notebooks, pens, crayons, coloring books, + tons of stickers. Easy to carry + fits a lot of stuff.

5. Pick up a few plastic cosmetic bags.  I like to fill them with summer essentials. Bag one: sunscreen + small wet brush. Bag two: medicine (never leave home with Tylenol for everyone in your family.) Bag three: basic toiletries (toothpaste, q-tips, baby shampoo...etc.) The key is to re-stock but never unpack the cosmetic bags, then you always have everything ready to go.

6. Packing cubes! I use these for shoes, keeping kids clothes separate, pajamas, underwear...etc. I LOVE how packing cubes keep everything organized.

7. Don't forget the laundry bag. Dirty laundry is a huge part of traveling. Make sure it has a home. I really like this simple mess laundry bag.

8. My last tip, never leave home without a swimsuit for everyone in the family! I don't care if there is no pool. Or it will be raining. Or whatever. Just bring them. Always! Swimsuits don't take up that much space and you don't want to spend precious vacation hours shopping for them. 

Cuddle and Kind

Cuddle and Kind is on a mission to help feed children. For every ethically produced, hand-knit doll sold, they provide 10 meals to children in need. A good cause and a doll your child will treasure for years. A total no brainer.

A few of my favorites:


Shop these and more here.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Mommy Mailbox friends! Nothing beats a Friday in July and I hope you gals have some amazing weekend plans. This Friday I am sharing a few of my favorites things to beautify your life. Read below:


photo source

1. This straw picnic basket has my heart.

2. I love these cafe bowls.

3. Trying to figure out the perfect home for this wallpaper.

4. This wood + wire tray is the perfect kitchen accessory. 

5. Welcome guests with this adorable doorbell.

6. This cake stand is a kitchen must have.

7. The perfect summer dress.

8. Needing some new throw pillows and loving this colorful option.

Motivation Monday

I don't know about you but I am in desperate need of a little Monday morning pick me up! For me, summer is a blur of kids + swimming + vacations + laundry. ALL WHILE trying to squeeze in a little work. The summer hustle is soooo tough for me!


Here's to being in the moment + doing your best!


Stars and Stripes on my mind

Happy Monday! Only two days until fireworks, family and flags everywhere. I don't know about you but I LOVE the 4th of July. I always feel so inspired by all things red, white + blue. Here are a few images I've been pinning:


An Austin Home Tour

Today I am sharing a stunning home tour from The Identité Collective. I was immediately drawn to this Austin, TX home because of the walls. The white walls. I love the white wall trend, I have white walls in my home but they have to be done right. This home tour is proof that warm woods tones and contrast elements are key. 

Check out this light and bright space below:


When can I move in? The bookshelf styling might be my all time favorite.
Read all about the style process + see more photos here.

Activities for kids

How is summer going for you mama's? Are your kids bored yet? Today I'm linking a few fun ideas to keep your kids busy and happy.


1. Marshmallow and toothpick building. Between the snacking and building this keeps them entertained for awhile. 

2. Kid made bird feeders. I love how this uses a toilet paper roll.

3. Love the idea of a backyard scavenger hunt. Perfect activity to do with neighbor friends.

4. How to make pet rocks. I swear my daughter would never tire of this.

5. Summer science for kids. Tons and tons of ideas.

6. A bored jar is probably something every house needs, reading over the list gave me some great ideas.

Good Luck! 😂