Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! My favorite day of the week. Today I am excited to share a few things I have been loving. But first, I love you FALL. I am so glad you’re here.

  1. Bought these boots this week. My sister in law swears by them and the price is fantastic. Perfect for fall.

  2. Easy way to remove your make-up. These wipes feel so refreshing.

  3. Ditch your expensive concealer and give this one a try. It’s SO good!

  4. Apparently I am on a beauty kick this week. But I switched mascaras and this one is so good! It is fast to apply (one coat really does the trick) and my lashes look so long.

  5. These dresses are super cute.

  6. Got these hooks for all the backpacks and coats that seem to be multiplying these days.

  7. One of my favorite recipes for all your summer tomatoes.

Have a great weekend.



Just a reminder we are all UNIQUE. We are all DOING OUR BEST.

Love yourself and keep TRYING. No one is perfect. Not them. Not you. No one is winning. Life isn’t a contest. Just live your dreams and love you.


White bins to the rescue

In yesterday's post I talked about getting my house organized after the craziness of summer. There are so many great ways to organize but I am loving the look of keeping everything WHITE and clean with white bins. I've been researching and shopping and I'd thought I'd share a few of my favorite options:


The Y-weave cubes from Target. Tons of different sizes and the price is fantastic (even not on sale, but they do go on sale occasionally)! I have several of these in my house and I love them.


This Variera Box from Ikea is only $4.50! Perfect for pantry and bathroom storage.


Also from Ikea the KUGGIS Box with lid. I love how large it is, perfect for linen storage!


White Taper Storage Bins with Handles from Container Store are also in the running. The reviews on these are fantastic.

Good luck + happy organizing! xo

Habits of Stylish Woman

Earlier today I stumbled upon an article about 15 Simple Things Stylish Women Do Every Day. The secret to being stylish? It boiled down to being prepared. Most of the tips seem pretty simple, but I know I could use some improvement in a few categories ;)



Stylish Woman:

  1. Plan Their Outfit the Night Before
  2. Give Themselves Plenty of Time to Get Ready
  3. Select the Right Undergarments
  4. Follow Other Stylish Women For Inspiration
  5. Dress For the Weather
  6. Dress For the Occasion
  7. Only Wear Clothes that Fit and Flatter
  8. Anchor Their Look With One Expensive-Looking Piece
  9. Pick the Perfect Accessory
  10. Never Lounge in Their "Good" Clothes
  11. Fold and Hang Up Their Clothes
  12. Know When to Wear Heels and When to Wear Flats
  13. Sort Clothes For Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  14. Always Keep a Fashion Emergency Kit Handy
  15. Stay True to Their Personal Style

Read the full article and all the stylish details on Pop Sugar.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Mommy Mailbox readers! I hope you had a wonderful week and have something fun planned this weekend! Today I am sharing a few of my favorites this week.


1. Dreaming about these boots for Fall.

2. This jacket is the perfect staple for your wardrobe

3. Loved diving into some new podcasts recommended by Liz Denfeld.

4. Picked up this candle this week, love this scent.

5. Struggling with your weight? Or just want to be healthier? This book is a must read.

6. This weekend DIY is super cute and worth checking out. 

7. Last month went to NYC and fell in love with Levain Bakery... YUM! I was super excited to find a good copycat recipe.

8. Obsessed this simple dress


Back To School Favorites: Girls

Isn't it funny how summer feels like it abruptly ends? One minute you're eating popsicles at the pool and the next stressing about buying a backpack before they are all sold out. But no matter how fun your summer has been, its always nice to get back to the routine school brings.

Today I'm sharing a few of my back to school favorites for girls. My daughter is 8 and I asked her this week, "Do you still like pink and unicorns?" She answered, "YES!" 


Summer Bucket List

Happy August! Our summer travels + house guests have officially come to an end and we are left to enjoy the last couple weeks before school starts. I didn't even entertain the idea of a giant summer bucket list this year, I find them to be slightly stressful. Haha.


photo source

But to keep everyone entertained, I've been reading through the million of "bucket list ideas" and when we have a slow week I plan a couple things to do. A few of my favorites:

1. Water balloons in the backyard
2. Have a friend come over all day. Play, Lunch, Pool.
3. Stop at a drive through and get cold soda for the kids.
4. Make slime (I cheated and bought this and it was not messy at all)
5. Go to the Arcade
6. Campfire with friends
7. Build marshmallow houses
8. Visit a new swimming pool
9. Wildflower adventure (If you're in Utah, check out Alboin Basin)
10. Family Hike

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday ! Happy July! Happy Summer! Happy Everything! I am just feeling it today and so excited to share a few of my favorite things:


photo source

1.  How cool is this Blow Up Waterslide? And they say money can't buy happiness. My kids would disagree!

2. I am all about being comfortable this summer and these flips flops are simple + perfect + wonderful.

3. I've been on the CC Cream train the past year or so + finally admitted to myself I wasn't happy. My make-up wasn't lasting through the day and my skin always looked too shiny. SO I went back to good-old-foundation and I'm so glad I did. GUYS! It forgot how amazing this stuff is

4. This game is so fun, we've been playing it all summer.

5. I've had this dresser in my shopping cart for a month now. I get so nervous to order furniture when I haven't seen it in person. But I just can't stop thinking about it.

6. This ring is everything! Takes me from frumpy to fancy in seconds.

7. How dreamy is the photo above? The print from here + the light from here. And the house from mommy blogger Jessica Garvin.